Bandy Carroll Hellige Hired By Frazier Museum

Bandy Carroll Hellige

Bandy Carroll HelligeBandy Carroll Hellige Firm has been selected as the agency of record for Frazier Museum. The museum has not had a single PR firm until now and they are looking forward to beginning a formal publicity campaign with Bandy Carroll Hellige, rather than working disjointedly with a number of different PR companies as they did before.

The public relations firm will be responsible for designing and implementing a strategy to promote the museum. They plan to begin with a branding campaign to help establish recognition of the attraction and then work on marketing and advertising campaigns. The entire strategy will also involve dealing with the media and doing public relations, as well as implementing some interactive programs that will help draw attention to the Frazier Museum.

Owsley Brown Frazier founded the museum in 2004, just five years ago. He is the former vice chairman of Brown-Forman Corp., a spirits and wine company based in Louisville. The majority of the antiques, including arms and other historical items that fill the 100,000 square foot museum, are from Frazier’s private collection. Now on display, they attract a large number of visitors each month.

Bandy Carroll Hellige is made up of 44 employees and was founded by three partners, Susan Bandy, Mark Carroll and Tim Hellige in 1989. The PR firm has been going strong since then and has extensive experience in the area of promoting smaller businesses.

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