Best Influencer Traits for Boosting PR

What are the Attributes of a Good Influencer?

  • Passion
  • Authenticity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Community management skills
  • Content Creation skills


Influencers serve as aspirational mentors for their followers. Their passion for the craft, idea, or brand they represent causes individuals to pursue their dreams. It is like fuel that pushes people to move forward regardless of the obstacles in front of them.

Of course, the passion, enthusiasm, and creativity that drives influencers affect and persuade followers to take action. Likable individuals can discover an influencer’s  zeal, learn more, and receive mentorship for their shared artistic talents.

Influencers cannot attract a following without being passionate about a given field..  An influencer without a bona fide interest in a product is not persuasive.


Consumers love the word genuine. Authenticity boosts public relations instantly.  An  effective influencer is like a glue that binds followers to a brand. Today, the modern consumer constantly evaluates visual and verbal cues for any signs of inauthenticity.

A bona fide influencer will apply what they preach, and have amplified persuasive power over the consumer. But, of course, consumers find reliability more useful and twice more valuable than an influencer’s popularity when considering a product.


Besides authenticity, influencers must build a trustworthy relationship with their audience. A good influencer must have a firm belief in the reliability of the consumer. Of course, decisions that make a successful campaign depend on the people you trust to favor the brand or follow your idea.

Additionally, brand-influencer public relationships must be based on  trust.  A good influencer ensures transparency in the dissemination of sponsored content.  Furthermore, trust means providing fair product reviews and admitting errors contained in the representation of a brand.

According to a survey by Edelman, trust is the currency that brands use to earn the business of their consumers. However, the findings indicate that about 45% of consumers can never regain trust in a brand after deceitful behavior, while another 40% would stop consuming the product.

Community management

Besides growing their following, a good influencer fosters genuine audience/influencer relationships.

Community management involves answering their questions, overseeing passionate disagreement, holding competitions, and more. Notable influencers such as Elle Ferguson ascribe their success to actively interacting with their community. Influencer campaigns are based on the strength of the given influencer/community relationship.

Skillful Content Creation

One of your tasks as an influencer is to develop a significant and authentic following. However, achieving this goal requires the skills of content creators to produce content that draws consumer attention.

Some of the skills required by an influencer to help maintain and engage a loyal audience include writing, photography, rewriting, and project management.

Writing social media posts may seem straightforward. However, influencers can take anywhere from a few days up to a few months to develop content.  This work involves location scouting, costume selection, styling, research, and more. 


The best influencers participate actively in their followers’ lives by liking, and commenting on interactive online platforms to create a strong bond. They are passionate about what they do and develop trustworthy influencer-consumer-brand relationships.

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