Best Social Media Assessment Tools for Companies

2022-06-07 by EPR Staff

Companies that want to improve the performance of their social media marketing strategies need to first figure out what has and hasn’t been working for them in the past. To generate more conversions and traffic from social media platforms, companies should be assessing the performance of their previous strategy using the right tools.


Companies that mainly focus their social media marketing efforts on Facebook can greatly benefit from analyzing and comparing the content they’re sharing on the platform with the help of Buzzsumo. The platform has a Facebook audit feature that allows companies to analyze the content on their pages, and even compare it to the performance of the pages of their competitors. Buzzsumo generates a report for companies that include the average engagement rates by day of the week and per post type. It also shows the page activity and the most popular reactions that a post has received from a page, as well as the most engaging types of content that the business has shared. With the help of these insights, companies can figure out which days of the week their Facebook followers are the most engaged so they can share valuable content during those days, and even specific times of the day. They can also analyze the engagement strategies from competitors, such as their lead magnets and giveaway strategies, and strive to create and publish content on the platform that’s going to perform better for the business.


The social media management platform Agorapulse also comes with a powerful feature that companies can use to analyze the performance of their content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The platform generates a report for companies that include the day-to-day engagement rates and the growth in follower numbers. It also shows the brand awareness score of the business, and the effectiveness of the hashtags it’s using. If there’s any content publishing activity, the report also includes the performance of all content, as well as the most effective times and days that the business should be publishing that content. To get the most out of this type of social media audit, companies should be looking to make the most of the days when the target audience is most active on each social channel, and make better use of the hashtags that have been the most effective in the past.


The last top social media audit tool that companies can use with their Instagram and Twitter accounts is Keyhole. This platform creates advanced reports on any sort of social media activity that companies have and there are plenty of insights that companies can get from it. The report includes a sentiment analysis from any mentions and the top posts by the engagement that mention the company’s name. The performance of an account is compared to the company’s competitors, and there’s a list of the most engaged and influential connections to the business. Companies can use those insights to figure out which influencers they should be connecting with on future partnerships or collaborations, figure out opportunities for social proof, and connect to the most active brand advocates.