Big Apple Consulting by GuestMetrics Hires PR Firm

Big Apple consulting

GuestMetrics announced today that they have chosen Big Apple Consulting to serve as their public relations company. The relationship will be a beneficial one with the PR firm working to help GuestMetrics raise public awareness of the company through a large variety of methods.

With a complete public relations strategy in mind, Big Apple Consulting intends to revamp the customer insight firm, enhancing their website, boosting marketing and distribution, as well as handling all media relations and public awareness campaigns. Together, the firms will boost the visibility of GuestMetrics.

GuestMetrics is a company that provides customer statistics for the hospitality industry and their suppliers. With their software, GuestMetrics collects the necessary information from customer behavior and then lets their clients (ranging from beverage suppliers to restaurant chains) act on their newfound knowledge.

The system integrates right into computer systems that are running in these businesses, collecting information from the point-of-sale system in action. The new partnership between GuestMetrics and Big Apple Communications will reap large rewards for the statistics software company.

Big Apple Consulting has an active list of over fifty thousand stock brokers around the country and makes sure that these financial professionals know about their clients and potential investment opportunities with those who are looking to grow their businesses. In addition to working on the public relations side of things, they are in continuous contact with the brokerage community and leverage this connection for the benefit of their many clients.

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