A Bing News Plug Where It’s Most Needed: To News Gatherers

I wanted to take a moment to share my brief notes on Bing News’ Facebook integration. Of the overall massive collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook, TNW’s Alex Wilhelm encapsulates this for you here. But for those of your out there reading and reporting news or data, a plug from someone who’s at this all day every day, seems appropriate here.

My Bing News

My Bing News – situated amid 100 thoughts

Switching services is just a plain old pain. To be perfectly honest here, even though I find Bing search to be significantly superior to Google in many ways, swapping just seems crippling for me. You see, searching is all in all, what I do. That said, Internet Explorer, even FireFox, requires a monumental effort where swapping from Chrome goes. Ergo, one reason for sure why Microsoft and others have fared not so well. The same goes for lots of innovation, I am sure you know. Enter My Bing News via Facebook.

Even if you want to just feel busy and important – screen showing a whacky crazy web involvement

Bing for busy peeps

Even if you want to just feel busy and important – screen showing a whacky crazy web involvement

People who use Google News exhaustively, they should really endeavor to try Bing/Facebook for a spell. I know the Google Trolls will come in hordes here to profess their undying love for being delivered Google News goodies (but I’ll delete their comments) – reason being here, I am not talking about dumping Google News as a powerful informative matrix, but for quickly discovering well organized information, Bing simply works a lot better for discovery via super organization integrated with relevant results. The best way for you to enjoy this is not by reading here.

Count on Rogers & Cowan and Shift Communications to keep doing what they can as Bing’s Public Relations firms – and to spread the word even more about how great Bing truly is.


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