Bite Communications to Help Promote New eCommerce Payment System

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billmyparentsBite Communications will help promote a new eCommerce payment system BillMyParents. The announcement was made today by Socialwise, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ideaEDGE, Inc, which is also the developer of this new service.

Bite will lead a brand awareness campaign across traditional and online media outlets to formally introduce BillMyParents to the customers.

Aside raising brand awareness, Bite Communications will also attempt to drive traffic to the new BillMyParents site and to build a robust user base.

“Bite’s experience working with industry leaders in the online payments business, such as PayPal, was an important differentiator for us when selecting an agency to help us launch BillMyParents on to the national scene,” said Jim Collas, president and CEO of SocialWise.

BillMyParents is a safe and secure way for teens to shop online without exposing their parent’s sensitive credit card information to risk.

  1. Your child shops online using BillMyParents instead of your credit card
  2. You are notified of the potential item to be purchased
  3. You approve/decline the purchase. Upon approval, you enter your credit card information. Your child never has access to your card number.

“BillMyParents is in a great position to tap into the underserved youth spending market,” said David Hargreaves, general manager of North America for Bite. “With 8 – 21 year olds projected to spend close to $70 billion each year, the growth potential for a company like BillMyParents – that provides control to parents and options for teens – is enormous. BillMyParents is a dynamic company with a unique value proposition–just the type of brand Bite likes to partner with.”

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