Branding RFP Issued by Local India Government Office

Branding RFP Issued by Local India Government Office

Fiber Grid is one of the 5 Grids identified by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India to accelerate socio-economic growth of the State. Fiber Grid is primarily aimed at harnessing the power of information resources and the enabling provision of qualitative and cost-effective IT, Communication (data, voice & video) related services to the citizens of A.P. The services from AP Fiber Grid will be delivered to the end-users i.e. households, offices / enterprises in partnership with the Multi System Operators (MSOs) and Local Cable Operators (LCOs) etc.

This endeavor can truly turn the State of AP as Digital AP in the direction of realizing the dream of Digital India. AP Fiber Grid aims to promote Digital inclusiveness by providing affordable, high-speed broadband connectivity to households, deepening the reach of Internet in the rural areas. It throws up immense possibilities for enhancing the quality of life of the people. The services from AP Fibergrid system can effectively be utilized in education, health, agriculture and allied sectors and also open up new vistas in e-governance.

As such, they seek a top-notch branding agency, and public relations to promote the brand to different stakeholders in Andhra Pradesh and throughout India.

The core objectives of this engagement are:

  • Design branding and communications plan for APSFL
  • Establish APSFL Brand within Andhra Pradesh and outside
  • Improve citizen subscriptions for APSFL services
  • Connect with citizens through various Media such as print, electronic, digital, social media, outdoor media, etc.
  • Create emotionally engaging content and campaigns


The Agency shall plan, implement and deliver all promotional and marketing activities for APSFL. Major sections covered under the scope of services will thus include;

  1. Branding and Communication Planning
  2. Key developments and campaigns being adopted locally, nationally and in comparable companies
  3. The Agency in consultation with APSFL shall finalise the Integrated Promotion Plan (IPP) and Action Plans,
  4. Media Services: Media Services shall include media advertising that includes press, radio, billboards and the Internet.

The services to be offered by the Agency would include:

  1. Identification of target priority markets, segments and audiences, rationale, approach, and appropriate vehicle for promotion etc.,
  2. Selection and finalization of Media Vehicles for the different markets and segments, based on research.
  3. Allocation of budget to the different media vehicles in the different target markets based on available market research findings.
  4. Selection and finalization of television channels, radio channels, print publication, websites and portals, outdoor sites, etc., in the Media Plans for the “APSFL Branding Campaign” and any other campaign. Planning effective use of web with innovative digital media vehicles.
  5. Product, service segmentation and use of appropriate Creatives for the different markets and segments.
    • Planning most appropriate schedules for release of the campaigns
    • Campaign Management
    • Consumer focused campaigns: design consumer focused mass media and direct communication strategy
    • Partner focused Campaigns: design communication strategy and campaigns focusing on MSOs, LCOs, broadcasters, business entities
    • Internal stakeholders focused campaigns: design communication strategy and campaigns focusing on internal staff, other government agencies, own offices etc.,
    • Execute the campaigns with support from external vendors
    • Review the outcomes of the campaigns and submit reports for improvements
  6. Digital Marketing
    • Create and manage social media based campaigns and branding initiatives
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email Marketing
  7. Building Brand AFSFL through Creation and Production of Theme based Creatives
    Designing and production of creatives for the print, television, radio, online, outdoor and other media
    Providing inputs for Production of Creative Material (In English and Telugu) such as:

    • print Creatives, including advertorials, for release in domestic, local newspapers
    • Domestic print campaigns with Creatives on themes that would be identified. These Creatives would be adaptable for use in the outdoor media. The Creatives would be produced with fresh shoot.
    • Creative campaigns for the online media (Local & National)
    • Radio spots for the local market and domestic
    • Television Commercials for promoting APSFL and its Service offerings.
    • Designing of advertorials / editorials and other publicity material, including brochures, booklets, banners, posters, calendar, etc. on themes / subjects to be decided in consultation with APSFL.
    • Coordination for release of advertisement, representations and participations in various fora along with APSFL
    • Coordination, Carrying out all related PR activities
    • Process management of promotional campaigns and all promotional work.

Proposal due on July 27, 2016 to:

Executive Director (Commercial) Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited (APSFL)
Plot No.5, 6, 15&16, 1st Floor,
KKR Square (Opp: Hotel Jubilee Ridge) Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033, India.
Telephone No: 040-23391165
Fax: 040-23391164
Email id:

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