British Columbia Ferry Services Seeks Digital Marketing Agency

British Columbia Ferry Services


BC Ferries seeks to select suitably qualified service providers to develop digital assets, designs and campaigns to enhance the digital customer experience through a mobile first design with the focus of generating revenue by increasing both traffic and online ancillary purchases:

  • BC Ferries Corporate
  • BC Ferries Vacations,
  • Food & Retail marketing
  • Commercial Services/Drop Trailer.


BC Ferries continually strives to improve its customers’ travel experience and exceed its customers’ expectations. The Company monitors and acts on customer feedback, and understands its customers’ desire for affordability, a different approach to pricing and an improved experience. BC Ferries understands that the success and sustainability of the Company is directly related to its Customers seeing value in the services offered.

BC Ferries will be implementing two key business strategies that will increase customer satisfaction while generating financial benefits, and in the process, reduce pressure on future fare increases. These two business strategies, the Fare Flexibility and Revenue Management Strategy and the Digital Experience Strategy, will together modernize the way BC Ferries sets pricing, sells travel, and manages capacity utilization of sailings. BC Ferries expects these strategies will drive significant increases in traffic, online/self-serve transaction volumes and revenues, while improving the overall customer experience.

By modernizing the way BC Ferries does business and delivering a strong customer- centric digital user experience, the Initiative will also deliver the other components of The Digital Experience Strategy. It will provide BC Ferries’ customers with a flexible buying process based on a consolidated shopping cart, single customer profile and sign-on, and the delivery of relevant information to customers about their travel at the right time, anywhere, using any device they choose.

BC Ferries recognizes its website is one of the most critical interfaces the Company has with its customers, providing a way to communicate and engage with them, promoting its products and services, generating revenue, and increasing the strength of the BC Ferries brand. Over the past few years, the website has assumed an increasingly important role in all parts of the business.

Scope of Work:

Provide advertising services for:

  • BC Ferries Corporate
  • BC Ferries Vacations,
  • Food & Retail marketing
  • Commercial Services/Drop Trailer.

Due Date:

October 24th


Purchasing Department
British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.
12800 Rice Mill Road
Richmond, BC V6W 1A1

Finn Partners and Ruder Finn are viable candidates for this assignment.

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