Burke & Company Take On PR for Mattern & Associates

Mattern & Associates

Mattern & Associates are about to start a new media relations campaign and have chosen Burke & Company LLC, a noted public relations company, to work on it. The media project will focus on promotion of the firm`s legal services and will be making use of communication strategies to do so.

“With the economy in a challenged state, Mattern has decided to launch a focused public relations campaign that will inform the business community about our services while providing useful, educational material in the process. Burke & Company, based in New York City, is well-versed in reaching the legal industry and has already begun planning on a proactive strategy to promote Mattern in the legal and business fields. We are very pleased to be working with them.” says Rob Mattern, founder and President of Mattern & Associates.

The public relations campaign will be joined by a marketing effort provided by a marketing company. Between the aggressive publicity campaign and Burke & Company`s media communication strategies, Mattern & Associates hopes to expand their client base and offer their legal services to even more potential clients.

Burke & Company has been working with legal firms for over 12 years now and has gained a well-earned reputation as a company with solutions. They provide legal organizations with strategies and problem solving that can be implemented across the entire business, all around the nation, and help large firms lower their expenses, increase efficiency and boost their income.

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