Caliber Corporate Advisers: Fast-Growing PR

2020-03-31 by EPR Staff

Listed in the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing firms, Caliber Corporate Advisers’ position at number 1,893 is the direct result of a series of initiatives towards deliberate and consistent growth. Providing counsel to top organizations in finance and technology, Caliber employs best-in-class strategies to position its clients as leaders in their industries. That’s achieved through well-thought content marketing, media training, social media, public relations, and digital marketing.

Caliber’s Moves in the PR Space

#1. Strategic Investment from Vested

Recently, Caliber Corporate Advisers joined hands with Vested, in an agreement that saw Caliber give a minority stake to Vested. As part of the agreement, Caliber will tap into Vested’s world-class branding expertise and secure office space in Vested’s NYC headquarters. Caliber, on its part, will allow access to its formidable content creators and specialized writing staff.  In addition, Caliber and Vested will assist each other as conflict shops, and collaborate in the development of PR-related technologies. These will enhance each firm’s marketing and communications capabilities.

#2. Appointment of Grace Keith Rodriguez as president

Caliber’s recent appointment of Grace Keith Rodriguez was a game-changer. The well-known communicator has mastered the art of compelling brand-storytelling to connect with a target audience.

#3. Appointment of Managing Director, Jeff Hendren

The appointment of a financial technology veteran, Jeff Hendren, was a turning-point move. As managing director of Caliber, Hendren brings a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in building fintech startups and implementing corporate strategy in fintech, asset management, wealth management,  payments, and institutional finance. Handren’s knowledge of financial services, fintech, and experience in building technology products adds tremendous value to Caliber’s expert bench.