Celly Gets $1.4 Million to Expand Its Mobile Social Network

Celly.Celly is hard to define, because it leverages new technologies to make social networking work in new ways. They call their “decentralized social networking platform that enables people and organizations to create emergent social networks,”  but the tool is a bit more refined than what you expect from typical social networks that work on smart devices (after all, there are enough apps to convert any traditional social network into a mobile network in no time).

Celly is not the first mobile social network either – there are already hundreds competing for attention, each with its own particularities, and all counting on LBSN technologies.

But Celly is special, because it creates networks where some of the existing social networks don’t work: schools, governmental institutions, rallies, meetings, and events. Unlike other networks, that have a broad focus, allowing just about anyone in, Celly’s purpose is to bring together people sharing the same interests, at the same time. Participants can gather in a private group, or a “cell”, where shares and content are moderated by organizers, to keep conversations on-topic and free of chat storms, oversharing, and cyberbullying threats.

In Celly’s own words, cells act as social building blocks that stand-alone or link together to form networks that adapt to the size, shape, and sharing policies of any organization. This keeps data secured in private, autonomous groups, yet empowers teamwork across organizations.

From schools and colleges, to occupy movements like #OWS, #OccupyBoston, #OccupyPDX; from city governments to churches and watch groups; from private vent planning to large scale events; the use of Celly is only limited by your imagination.

And now, Celly received $1.4 million in funding from Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) with participation from Upstart Labs, Portland Seed Fund, and individual investors, to further develop its platform, investing in technology and PR. The dream expressed in the startup video below, is slowly coming true.

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