Detroit Seeks Media Strategist for Planning and Buying

The City of Detroit Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) requests proposals from qualified firms to provide proposals for a Media Strategist for Planning and Buying (MSPB). The MSPB will provide support to Detroit Police Department (DPD) in developing a media plan and executing a buy for a marketing campaign.


Detroit is the largest city in the State of Michigan. 

Scope of Work:

The Contractor will provide Media Strategy for Planning and Buying (MPB) Services to Detroit Police Department (DPD).

Contractor has a detailed, professional understanding of the Detroit Media market platform, and will be able plan out a media schedule, buy and monitor all media buys and provide accountability on each media buy. Such activity may include (but is not limited to):

·         Devise, launch, and execute value-added, cost-effective marketing strategies.

·         Strategize and place media campaigns that positively impact return on investment (ROI) and added value.

·         Raise brand awareness within the targeted audience A 18-34 and help drive positive Call to Actions (CTA).

·         Leverage relationships with key stakeholders and media partners to achieve optimum media marketing outcomes.

·         Provide media expertise in delivering compelling communications and content across various platforms, traditional and new media/digital

·         Present a recommended media plan with budgets identified by media type.

·         Monitor the media buy to ensure proper placement and activity.

·         Employ a range of media within the determined budget target appropriate.

·         Provide complete information on creative requirements in an appropriate time frame to meet deadlines.

·         Ensure proper creative is running/airing in identified time frames and is pointed back to the appropriate call to actions provided.

·         Prepare and submit monthly reporting on any media analytics, with recommendations to improve performance

DPD will determine the final contract award amount by evaluating the potential impact of the proposed plan and the cost-effectiveness of the proposed budget. The contract period is anticipated to be from September 2019 through September, 2020.

Due Date:

August 5th, 2019. 


All proposals must be submitted through the Bidsync system.

Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.