City of Turlock Issues RFP For Economic Development Marketing

2019-02-11 by EPR Staff

Leadership of the City of Turlock recognizes the need to formalize an approach to economic development marketing and branding. Therefore, the City issues this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in order to retain a qualified marketing organization to engage in building upon the previous efforts of the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan, the Marketing and branding initiative as well as the tourism strategy. The intention is to utilize all of the updated components to take the City’s visibility and marketing efforts to the next level.

The purpose of this RFQ is to select a professional marketing firm or consultant to identify:

  • Best practices for economic development marketing
  • An Omni-channel marketing strategy that fits Turlock
  • A marketing budget including cost estimates and purchase requirements
  • Marketing program launch and implementation timeframes
  • Performance measures for periodic evaluation of the new marketing strategy (capital investments, job creation, tax base expansion, etc.)


The City of Turlock is located in Stanislaus County, on the eastern side of California’s San Joaquin Valley, 100 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area. The City is on the State Highway 99 corridor, linking it to other Central Valley cities including Stockton and Sacramento to the north and Fresno and Bakersfield to the south.

Turlock remains a stand-alone city surrounded by productive agricultural land. Turlock’s tag line is “The Best of the Earth and Each other” which accurately describes the strong sense of community and cultures found in Turlock, but the City’s tree lined streets, friendly atmosphere and the charming Main Street offers a unique taste of Hometown America. In addition to Historic Downtown Turlock which has delightful antique stores, jewelry and fashion boutiques, and enchanting niche stores; Turlock has set itself apart from other San Joaquin Valley communities as the location of a retail power center as well as in its jobs to housing balance. The City of Turlock currently enjoys amenities and activities within the community that have become a driving factor to Turlock in its emergence as a destination location. This new recognition has come with little comprehensive focus, but has benefited the community tremendously. Hotel room stays continue to grow, with hoteliers reporting occupancy rates over 85% for ten months of the year.

Scope of Work:

The firm selected will be expected to provide an overall strategic marketing strategy including creative program execution, updates and communication with the City’s Economic Development Team, and ongoing account supervision through both phases of the project, in conjunction with Economic Development Strategic Plan.

Key program elements will include:

PHASE ONE (approximately April – July 2019)

Identifying best practices to direct the following:

1. Utilize the updated Economic Development Strategic Plan, Marketing and Branding efforts with new looks and logos as well as the updated Tourism strategy to develop a strong, memorable Omni channel marketing effort related to economic growth, retention, and attraction.

2. Review (and possible redesign) of the City’s Economic Development website/webpage.

3. Using the updated brand and logo, develop collateral materials to be used for local and regional marketing.

4. Budget and schedule for Phase Two implementation.

PHASE TWO (July-2019 – year end 2019)

In conjunction with the 2017 Turlock Economic Development Strategic Plan:

5. Develop a comprehensive community marketing strategy to sell the City and its new business brand.

6. Provide periodic assessments of marketing strategy effectiveness in 2019 and recommendations for modifications, as needed, in subsequent years.

7. Marketing Program outline and budget for 2020.

Due Date:

February 27th, 2019. 


Maryn Pitt, Assistant to the City Manager for Economic Development and Housing

156 South Broadway, Suite 230

Turlock, CA 95380

Agencies with relevant experience include Hotwire PR and North 6th Agency.