Clarence Mitchell Communications: Kate & Gerry McCann’s Spokesman Opens Own Firm

Clarence Mitchell CommunicationsSpokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, Clarence Mitchell opens his own communications firm.

A new Communications Consultancy agency recently opened its doors for business. Clarence Mitchell, known for his long-standing role as a spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, has decided to go into business for himself. His communications consultancy agency is known as Clarence Mitchell Communications.

After trying to unseat the Green Party in Brighton in an attempt to become a Conservative MP, he decided being his own boss sounded more appealing. And at 54 years of age, he’s built up quite the impressive resume. A former BBC reporter, he’s had the pleasure of working as head of media for the PR network, Burson-Marsteller, in different parts of the world, including the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. He’s also held various PR roles for agencies like Freud Communications and Lewis PR.

But his experience doesn’t stop there. He was also head of media monitoring for the Cabinet Office. He was a journalist for 25 years covering an assortment of high-profile stories, like the Fred and Rose West murders in Gloucester and the Soham murders in Cambridgeshire. He also covered the death of Princess Diana when he was a royal correspondent.

Despite having opened the doors of his business, he still plans to continue working with the McCanns. He said in an article in The Guardian, “I will continue to look after the McCann’s interests as and when needed.” (That article can be found here.) He has been in charge of the McCann’s PR full-time ever since 2007 when he stepped down from his position at the Central Office of Information as director of the media monitoring unit.

But now he’s ready to mix things up a bit and embark on a new adventure where he can help anyone who needs media assistance, be that families, individuals or businesses. Among Clarence Mitchell Communications’ founding clients include a notable Westminster PR and public affairs agency, JBP. With the opening of Clarence Mitchell Communications, Clarence Mitchell has started a new chapter in his very busy and impressive life – here’s to wishing his PR clients success.

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