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Clean Design CEO After much debate and a competitive review, the Umstead Hotel and Spa has chosen Clean Design, Inc. as their new PR agency. Clean Design will be heading up a new ad campaign, as well as developing a brand for the hotel that will be used in promotion. The marketing campaign aims to promote public interest in the Umstead Hotel and Spa across the state.

“We selected Clean Design for their strategic approach to defining The Umstead brand,” said Leah Goodnight, director of marketing for The Umstead Hotel and Spa. “We felt that the agency understood our brand from the very beginning. They have a great design sensibility and their collaborative, inclusive culture is very similar to ours.”

The Umstead Hotel and Spa offers luxury service to travelers, both business and leisure. They are also available for business conferences and events such as weddings. The hotel’s elegant rooms and peaceful atmosphere encourage relaxation and comfort after a long journey. Their Herons restaurant, also quite popular, nourishes with creative and comforting food using locally grown fruits and veggies with farm-fresh meats and seafood. Herons’ foods can be enjoyed throughout the spa, bar, cabanas or using in-room service. Consider booking spa services when you book the room to make sure all the services are available upon arrival.

The Umstead prides itself on hosting a large collection of fine art and promoting a natural beauty within. The hotel has won several awards, as well. The Hotel property sports all the usual spa options, beautiful rooms, pool, spa treatments, and gym. It sits on a large property including gorgeous grounds, their own lake, and a delightful garden with assorted plantings everywhere. And they are pet-friendly if you need that service.

Clean Design, Inc. a Worldwide Partners Agency, is a PR company focused on design and branding located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was founded in 1996 and is led by CEO, Natalie Perkins. They place great emphasis on happy employees, finding new ways to reward them for their time, fantastic work, character, and effort. Triangle Business Journal named them #4 on their 2014 Best Place to Work out of 20 small business finalists. The same journal also lists them as the #1 Design firm.

The agency supports clients in many sectors including professional services, technology, real estate & construction, education, travel & tourism, healthcare, and nonprofits. They work with clients such as Boone, John Deere, Lonerider, Redhat, Carolina Beach, Holt Brothers, Chatham University, Medfusion, and the North Carolina Museum of Art putting their many years of combined experience to great use.

“We are honored to be selected as the agency of record for The Umstead Hotel and Spa,” said Perkins. “It is a spectacular property, and the goal of our work with The Umstead is to create a marketing campaign that will bring the unique and memorable experiences to life for guests and the community.”

Beauty PR, Marketing Day Spas and Medical Spas

Many day spas and even resort spas offer some medical services, even if it is confined to a couple of days per week. That’s because the demand for non-invasive cosmetic services continues to rise. Medical spas must decide what level of services make it on the “menu.” Part of that decision includes staffing. If the spa ownership includes cosmetic surgeons, the level of work probably far exceeds that provided by an esthetician qualified to provide laser hair removal and possibly botox injections. However, no matter what level of service and care is provided, “spa” denotes a particular atmosphere of pampering and luxury. So look for a location to support that expectation.

Unlike a typical doctor’s office, spas should feel warm and friendly. Add spa touches to all areas. Consider using plants, natural furniture, small water fountains, and electric candles for added ambiance.

When looking for a PR specialist for your spa, if you don’t have one available who specifically works with spas, consider ones who work with high-end hotels, luxury resorts (often called hospitality), and travel. Feeling like the PR agency understands your business and goals helps get things started on the right foot. Their office doesn’t need to feel like a spa, but knowing their energy and passion syncs well with yours helps enormously.
What ideas help you with Spa PR and marketing?

Update, in 2010 The Umstead Hotel and Spa shifted their PR AOR to Reynolds Group Inc. according to PRNewser. No further information was located showing additional changes in AOR for The Umstead.

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