Genius PR: Coca-Cola Anthem for London Olympics

Mark Ronson and Katy B

Mark Ronson and Katy B perform ‘Anywhere in the World’, the Coca-Cola song for the London 2012 Olympic Games, to celebrate the launch of the single at an exclusive Coca-Cola gig. (Photo: Business Wire)

London 2012 is a huge opportunity for businesses to raise awareness about their brands, influencing public perceptions, boosting sales, and gaining new customers. When it comes to world-class advertising and PR, Coca-Cola is always atop of the game. No other brand shows as much creativity and passion, and better understanding of their market and audiences.

The title of the Coca-Cola anthem for the London 2012 Olympic Games is suggestive: Anywhere in the World, signifying a universal passion for sports and music, but also, the brand’s presence around the Globe. The track launched worldwide May 16, as the centerpiece of the brand’s Move to the Beat™ campaign, a campaign designed to bring teens closer to the Olympic Games and to sport in general.

“The number one passion point for teens is music,” explained Shay Drohan, Senior Vice President of Sparkling Beverages, The Coca-Cola Company, in a press release. “Through Move to the Beat™, Coca-Cola is inspiring teens around the world to move to the beat of London and come together in the biggest Olympic Games activation in our 84-year partnership.”

The anthem is even more interesting, as it features an array of sounds produced by athletes during their sports. For example, you’ll hear Dayyan Jaffar’s arrow hitting the target, David Oliver’s feet hitting the ground as he runs the 110 metre hurdles, and so on.

Teens can be a part of the Move to the Beat™ experiment through The Coca-Cola Company’s largest-ever digital program, the Create my Beat desktop application, which allows them to create individualized beats by mixing a personal musical preference and their sporting interest with their online social media footprint. Once created, the personalized experience can be uploaded to The Global Beat, a worldwide online community that brings together individual beats to create an ever-evolving global music collaboration. There’s also a mobile app for teens on the go, available for free download online.

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