Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad Engages Consumers: Watch And Vote Who Wins the Coke

Coca-Cola releases its Super Bowl ad, but unlike other power players who will get a spot on screen during the highly anticipated event, this ad comes with a PR recipe for success. The ad – called The Mirage, and produced by ad agency Widen+Kennedy – engages fans and consumers, to make an important decision: who wins the coke.

Coke Chase 2013 Ad

The Coke Chase Ad, is a gamified campaign that invites fans to watch and vote who wins the coke. The ad features three groups who race for coke in the desert: the cowboys (#CokeCowboys), led by Ringleader Lushwill; the sexy showgirls (#CokeShowgirls), led by Miss Latrobe; and the unruly scavengers (#CokeBadlanders), led by Altus. The ending chosen by viewers will air on Super Bowl 2013 on Feb. 3. To vote, users are invited to watch the commercial at, a landing page complete with details about the three groups in the race: The Cowboys, Showgirls and Badlanders. There are image galleries for each, funny fantasy biographical data, and voting buttons. The social interaction aspect is present too, with buttons and hashtags – in other words, a complete online campaign, that will engage consumers way ahead the much anticipated TV event. Fans can even “sabotage” the winners till the end of the game. And to make the deal even sweeter, Coca-Cola will offer a free coke to 50,000 users who stay engaged after the game.

The strategy has success written all over it, although since yesterday, when it launched, the video commercial featured below only generated 10,000 views on YouTube. But it gained serious media attention, being already featured by mainstream publications all over the US. Besides, Coca-Cola is not worried about YouTube views – the campaign aiming to meet people where they are, on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Surprisingly enough, Google+ is left out.

To make a long story short: this is the Coke Chase Ad for Super Bowl XLVII. Watch it, and tell us via the poll from ProProfs who do you think will win the coke, in the poll below the video.

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