Cohn & Wolfe vs. Ketchum: Twitter Showdown Infographic

This week’s Twitter matchup brings PRWeek’s 2013 PR Agency of the Year Cohn & Wolfe into sharper focus versus perennial award winner Ketchum. Self proclaimed digital and creative powerhouse Cohn & Wolfe has their work cut out in Tweeting with Ketchum today. But let’s get straight into the pre-fight introductions.

Cohn & Wolfe versus Ketchum

For the past eight decades Ketchum has been a force for not only storytelling, but innovation in engaging for their clients. Last year’s PR Agency of the Year has been, across the span of years, one of the most influential and successful PR firms in the world. With Chairman Ray Kotcher at the helm since 2000, Ketchum has continued to extend as not only a national but an international PR brand.

Founded back in 1970 in Atlanta by Bob Cohn and Norman Wolfe in Atlanta, Cohn & Wolfe is the super duper corporate branding arm of their parent Young & Rubicam. Self billed as the Swiss Army Knife of agencies, CEO Donna Imperato‘s firm says they keep other firms up at night, evidently worrying about what Cohn & Wolfe accomplished yesterday. Let’s see if their bite is as deep as their bark is, shall we?

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Follow – Ketchum gut punches Cohn & Wolfe in the number of followers department.
Listening Post – Ketchum is not winning massive interactive love by broadcasting to their thousands, Cohn & Wolfe have a better ratio where followers and following goes.
Now that you mention it – Opps. Ketchum may not listen all that prolifically, but the MTs matter. Another round to Ketchum.
Timing is nearly everything – This category is a draw only showing the two firms asleep at different times but engaged equally otherwise.
Who won? Ketchum moves on to the next round. Unless Cohn & Wolfe’s clients just don’t need social media attention from their mouthpieces… Sorry, but if I had these people’s resources I’d win any social media matchup on this Earth. Practice the podium preaching on Twitter too. Neither firm comes out with the Ali shuffle for me.

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