Company Profile: Accent Public Relations


Accent PR is a Public Relations boutique based out of Boston, focusing on marketing and PR. The specialty of the firm to organize and host premier events, promotions, and media campaigns. Accent provides top quality service to increase client revenues with a collective 15 plus years of experience in media placements.

Agents at Accent PR custom tailor strategies to fit a variety of budgets and goals for various clients. Creating brand awareness and defining a company image, Accent works to promote brands in various sectors. 

Accent works to boost brand awareness and consumer awareness of changes within brands by providing unparalleled exposure to clients. By labeling the firm as “Artisans in the Art of Communication” Accent Public Relations sets itself apart from larger firms that may not be as customizable or flexible in planning a Public Relations campaign.


Accent PR works closely with clients to better understand and achieve brand goals. By providing unique strategies that are designed to fit unique budgets. The firm’s goals are to create memorable campaigns, create a clear brand image, and promote products. 

By identifying the client’s target markets, Accent is better able to develop a brand or its concept into a profitable business. Accent’s commitment to its clients is to provide excellence through the team’s strong work ethic. 


Accent Public Relations offers a variety of services to brands and clients to increase revenue and consumer attention. Media relations are a cornerstone of the firm. Integrated marketing is also available, along with strategic partnerships. 

Media Relations

Accent PR possesses a unique skill set amongst agents. By developing a unique presence and a custom-tailored media plan, Accent works to produce improved local, national, and international media results.

From various media outlets, Accent promotes and brings attention to brands using skill, premier timing, and consistent follow-ups.

Integrated Marketing

By taking the client’s idea for marketing and refining it for the target customer, Accent PR works to develop effective marketing plans. Whether it is creating a brand logo, or building a website and creating or curating content, Accent Public Relations will build a cost-efficient, customized marketing plan for various brands in various sectors.


By conducting extensive market and consumer research, Accent can create and foster important business relationships. Alliances between potential business partners can be built across North America and Europe. 

Building the correct partnerships between businesses and or individuals that benefit both parties is vitally important for creating strong brands with positive outcomes in revenue streams.

Other Services

Accent PR provides many exciting services to clients, all of which are considered to find the perfect PR campaign for a brand. These include social media and digital marketing, product launches, cultural events, and onsite promotions. When building a plan or strategy for a client, Accent works to integrate as many or as few services as it makes sense for the brand and the budget. 

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