CouponTree for Facebook Fills Void in Social Media Advertising


CooponTree’s Innovative system entices your customers to join your application

CooponTree is a new advertising program that integrates with Facebook to increase brand buzz and return on investment.

First, a business creates an App on Facebook that they give CooponTree permission to manage.  Second, the company uploads a promotional image and discount through the app, which creates a coupon.  When the coupon goes live, a potential customer must “Like” the business fan page before receiving the offer.  CooponTree believes this requirement will profoundly increase their clients’ social media following and return on investment.  Third, the brand creates additional coupons, with higher discounts, which customers can access to if they refer more people.

As customers encourage people to get discounts, they simultaneously raise the brand’s profile on Facebook.  Clients get a snapshot of their overall social reach through the app as they track how many people use the app and refer friends directly and indirectly.

Treewards founder, Haytham Allos, explains that CooponTree aims to fill a void in the industry, which has not allowed clients to fully gage the return on investment for social media advertising. The value CooponTree adds is increased buzz for the minimal investment of coupon offerings as well as a measurable metric of customer engagement in terms of app membership and referrals.  Allos believes CooponTree is a timely and unique solution:

“A pillar of any successful business is the ability to truly measure and harness the potential network of its customers. To date no one has provided such a service until CooponTree.”

Clients can test the waters of what Allos calls the “New Wave of Marketing” by taking part in CooponTree’s 30-day free trial.

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