Creating Memorable Customer Experiences That Convert

The brain’s memory works in a complex way. People can make mental associations with pretty much anything. Like the smell of freshly baked bread reminds some people of summers at their grandma’s house. These types of associations might seem random, but they’re not. It’s these types of associations companies need to create with their target audiences. This generates more customer demand, loyalty, and longevity.  One of the best ways for companies to achieve this is by creating very memorable experiences for their customers.

Emotional response

One of the ways that companies can start creating memorable experiences for their customers is by creating a positive emotional response with them. That doesn’t mean companies should be striving to create promotional efforts or customer experiences that will make the audience emotional. The most important factor that businesses need to focus on is making sure the promotional efforts are resonating. If those efforts are able to resonate with the target audience, the company will elicit an emotional response from the customers. Then, if the company continues with this strategy, and creates appealing and consistent promotional efforts, it creates a strong emotional relationship with the target audience. According to research, eliciting emotional responses from customers with promotional efforts is quite simple. All a company needs to do is make sure there are fast cut scenes in the story arc, and the content is in an everyday setting for the audience. Other elements that have an emotional response to customers are the music and the characters. There are two important things that companies should avoid with this strategy. Those things are voiceovers and promotional content that’s filled with text.


There are a few reasons why these elements work to elicit emotional responses from customers:

  • A story arc is essential because the most memorable thing for anyone is a story with a clear and recognizable structure. Stories make it so people recall information much easier. The fast cut scenes benefit today’s diminishing attention spans. 
  • With faster cut scenes, companies can have an easier time grabbing the attention of the target audience.
  • The setting of the content should be casual. Since the pandemic started, people started working from home, or in hybrid workplaces. That means they’re better able to relate to a casual setting, instead of a formal business setting. 
  • The music in the promotional content, sets the tone and mood of the content itself. That means companies have to include music, instead of only using a voiceover.
  • Having a recognizable character, like a celebrity, helps make customers feel more trusting of the business.

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