The Most Creative American PR Firms That Deliver Results

2015-11-09 by Jason Tannahill

Creative PR Firms

When you are looking for a top PR firm, creativity matters. Any decent public relations agency can get you earned media. But a truly creative, dynamic agency brings you publicity delivering much more than “eyes on” your brand. Creative coverage grabs people and forces them to pay attention. Most importantly, it compels them to share your brand with others.

Here are four agencies who get that done, and an example of how they used creative thinking and PR application to deliver dynamic results for one of their top-tier clients.

5WPR 5W Public Relations

5WPR / 5W Public Relations

There are clear reasons why this NYC-based PR firm is a trendsetter, and the agency continues to win awards. Sure, we could tell you all about how 5WPR’s “innovative and creative workforce of 120 employees is on the cutting edge, delivering game-changing results” … but you can find all that on their website.

What you need to hear about is how they took Camp Bow Wow from Just One More pet sitter to a well-known and preferred National Brand. Anyone who knows about this market understands pet care is a crowded space. Like the subway on New Year’s Eve crowded. Camp Bow Wow Founder & CEO Heidi Ganahl didn’t need Business As Usual. She needed an entirely new way to focus eyes on her product and set her name above the rest.

5WPR knew Ganahl’s incredible story, but they needed a draw people to read it. The agency learned nationally-known actor and producer Marlo Thomas was preparing to drop another inspirational book. Thomas actively searched for inspiring stories of triumph after tragedy to tell, so 5WPR introduced her to Ganahl. Thomas published her story, immediately introducing Ganahl to millions. The strategy was hardly traditional, but it definitely worked, catapulting Ganahl’s name recognition and thrusting her into the national spotlight … and that was just the beginning of 5WPR’s success with Camp Bow Wow.

This is an agency that utilizes gimmicks, stunts, press releases, and every manner possible to help their clients win every single way possible with marketing and PR campaigns.

Marina Maher Communications Logo

Marina Maher Communications

Another NYC-based agency, MMC is fronted by marketing mogul Marina Maher. Founded in 1983, MMC made its name by focusing its marketing prowess on women’s markets. This agency doesn’t just put the company’s message out there, it crafts dynamic cause-based messages connecting deeply with its customers’ target markets.

One of the most memorable and successful campaigns launched by MMC was called, “Mean Stinks.” Secret Deodorant wanted to “make women fearless”, so MMC created a multi-platform campaign encouraging young women to stand up to bullies. Their work successfully built an “authentic emotional connection” with teen girls and their mothers, motivating millions to buy Secret and Stand Against The Stinky. Customers loved it, and sales exploded, leaving MMC and Secret smelling very sweet indeed.



With offices in New York and LA, PMK·BNC is the go-to source for branding in the entertainment industry. Clients such as Showtime, Amy Poehler, American Express, Kate Hudson, Robert Redford, and Audi rely on the firm to develop and strategically market their brands. With all that Hollywood star power, you know PMK·BNC understands how to leverage TV space. They did that and more with a knee-slapping, eye-popping campaign people STILL talk about.

During the week in which the Muppets’ return to prime time was in all the headlines, PMK·BNC engineered a TV spot combining not only Kermit the Frog but also Modern Family star Julie Bowen, The Emmy Awards, and a sleek new Audi. It was a perfect, fourth-wall-shattering on the nose spoof of the Hollywood life playing incredibly well across America. In any other agency’s hands, that spot could have gone totally off the rails, but with PMK·BNC’s deft touch, Emmy audiences laughed – and talked about Audi – for days.

Spark PR everything-pr

Spark Public Relations

San Francisco-based SparkPR was co-founded in 1999 by Donna (Sokolsky) Burke and Chris Hempel. Using their experience at Netscape, Burke and Hempel poised themselves to become an integral part of the Silicon Valley Internet explosion.

When SparkPR client VISA came looking for a way to promote their Signature card over the summer, they demanded both creativity and imagination drawing customers in and making them part of the story. SparkPR delivered “Go Weekends,” an engaging and ongoing social media campaign showcasing all the perks a user receives for paying with their VISA Signature card.

Fans jumped on board by using a custom app allowing them to pick awards they would love to win. Every potential award was one of the perks customers could receive … reinforcing the reason to use the card and adding a layer of potential instant gratification that kept customers swiping Signature all summer long.

These examples created massive results for their customers, and they just scratch the surface of what a talented, innovative PR firm can deliver every day.

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