Danica Patrick No Andretti, But Good May Be Enough

Danica Patrick everything-pr

NASCAR’s female star Danica Patrick is no stranger to the ups and downs for women in sports. Criticism from prominent NASCAR favorites as Kyle Petty and even his Dad Richard suggest remaining barriers for women in some sports. Granted NASCAR may be the most challenging for any female driver, but “low blows” from male counterparts seem cheap for the obviously talented Patrick. Does a driver have to be Mario Andretti or Richard Petty though? Patrick is now being criticized for being a “marketing machine” rather than a serious driver. She doesn’t have to be Andretti to be good.

NASCAR may be the most physically demanding of the auto racing circuits. Not the one most would pick as an opportunity for a female driver to excel in for sure. All the recent “back and forth” about Danica Patrick and her supposed “marketing madness” is pretty sickening. For one thing, some of the people doing the “mud slinging” would sell their grandmother for a tuna sandwich or a buck if they wanted it. NASCAR drivers and their henchmen market everything from plastic effigies to signed bon-bon boxes if there is a dollar in it. How can anyone on one of the world’s tackiest gravy trains criticize a lady for promoting herself the best way she can? Goofy, that’s what some athletes are.

As for Patrick’s skill, she is not taking the circuit by storm, but neither are dozens of others who are male drivers. Since when does a race car driver have to be Dan Gurney to compete? The whole gender issue in sport is upside down and always has been. If people, and particularly professional competitors, would just let nature take its course most of this negativity would be solved with a lot less noise. At least she has won one in 80 something starts. So what if the top of the food chain win one in ten?

Ah! The noise. Well, we do not have to point out that PR milking promoters want friction, and all they can get. I almost forgot all sport had turned to pro-wrestling any way. Patrick will either sink or swim in the winner’s circle just like anyone else. More power to her if she can do what most men do – milk it for all it is worth. Kyle, just shut up and drive man. As for NASCAR? You guys are funny. The screen below says it all with Danica’s jersey on sale. Run it on fumes huh?

Talk about milking it, who is marketing whom?


  1. James says

    Well, as far as Kyle Petty goes, he only got to race in motosports because of his family name… and he didn’t exactly shine because in over 800 Sprint Car races in a 30 year career, he won 8 times. He ran in over 50 Nationwide races and never won once. So, lets just wait and see re Danica… personally, I hope she does well because it will mean more fans, more races, more sponsors, more money for the drivers and a new level of excitement to see if she can actually beat some of the boys…. also, will she go after someone if they deliberately take her out? Should be interesting year if she gets the hang of driving these racecars.

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