Soccer Star David Beckham Is A Bad Boy, Or At Least He Thinks So

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The most popular video on YouTube, in the category “News and Politics”, is one featuring soccer star David Beckham confronting angry fans. The former England Captain, was being heckled from die hard LA fans upset over Beckham’s split loyalty between the LA Galaxy team and AC Milan, where he has been on loan.

Security had to restrain Beckham when the soccer star vaulted over a barrier apparently intent on fighting with one of the hecklers. All in all, a rather low class exhibition of what today’s sports heroes consider appropriate behavior in this writer’s view.

This report will be one of the shortest articles I have ever written I know. Beckham, like so many athletes these days, has apparently lost track of just what put him in the limelight in the first place – his ability to play soccer. The video below shows Beckham playing Mr. Bad, and beckoning a fan to come onto the field for a confrontation.

Who does this bozo think he is, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rambo, Ali? First of all, people to soccer games to see great soccer. The fans agnry at Beckham were just expressing an expected reaction to Beckham’s fairly obvious loyalty issues. Secondly, in the old days no athlete would have “answered” fans in such a way. the answer, or the quieting of fans in these situations, is most effectively done with (in Beckham’s case) his feet, not his mouth or his fists.

No one gives a damn if he can fight fans or not, they want to see if he can kick goals, and in the end, be loyal to the people who pay his salary.

My advice to Beckham, and all of today’s “bad boy” sports heroes, is to just “put up or shut up”, this is what fans want. Just because the Milan team decided not to buy your ass….ets, does not mean you have to take it our on the LA fans. Just take the heat you caused yourself, and play football better than ever before.

Looking at Beckham, and remembering many other hot headed sports celebrities from recent years, I am wondering if the ink in their tatoos makes them more aggressive, or even more stupid? What a PR goof this guy is.

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