Department of California Highway Patrol Issues Marketing and Advertising RFP

Department of California Highway Patrol Issues Marketing and Advertising RFP
Department of California Highway Patrol Issues Marketing and Advertising RFP

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from vendors with the resources, experience, and abilities to provide an array of cost-effective communication services for the CHP Special Projects Section’s Advertising and Marketing activities, including the development of successful SPS campaigns that reach California’s geographic and demographic diversity. Services shall include the ability to issue information, influence attitudes and create awareness and understanding of Motorcycle Safety incidents.

The Proposer understands and acknowledges that this RFP is for CHP’s advertising needs for the SPS, and that CHP may contract for other advertising needs on behalf of other CHP offices and/or other projects.


The motto of CHP is “Safety, Service, and Security.” They provide those features to Californians through active programs, community outreach, and communication. We take a pro-active stance against crime, trying not only to protect our public, but by showing the public how to protect themselves. We promote safe driving for all ages, we have programs designed to teach kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and we provide support to victims of crimes. Help us keep our roads and highways safe. Do your part by driving safely, and reminding others of their responsibilities on the road. Volunteer for one of our Community Outreach programs. Or be a mentor for young adults. California’s safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Scope of Work:

The mission of the CHP is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California. This is accomplished through five departmental goals:

• Protect life and property – We make California a great place to live, work, and travel by reducing fatalities, injuries, and crime.

• Provide superior service to the public and assistance to allied agencies – We are committed to providing first class customer service.

• Enhance public trust through community outreach and partnerships – We model the Department’s Professional and Organizational Values in every interaction.

• Invest in our people – We develop and support our workforce to sustain a world-class organization.

• Identify and respond to evolving law enforcement needs – We demonstrate leadership by addressing emerging trends.

To further assist SPS with accomplishing its mission by publicizing and educating the public on the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP). The end goals of this campaign shall be to increase the public’s awareness of the Department’s California Motorcyclist Safety Program and to promote overall motorcycle safety to decrease fatal injury from motorcycle involved collisions in the state. The intention should be to engage and educate the public and encourage them to alternate behaviors and solutions, utilizing a strategic cost-effective mix of delivery systems and messaging. Such strategies should access videos and information, as well as, standard advertising.

Due Date:

October 18, 2019


J.S. Mason, Staff Services Manager III

Office: Special Projects Section

Address: 601 North 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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