Digital PR for Link Building

Companies that aren’t relying on digital PR efforts to improve their link-building strategies are missing out on the incredible opportunities that they could get while gaining a competitive advantage in their markets. Through digital PR, companies get to earn relevant backlinks from authoritative and credible websites and platforms and get many other benefits at the same time too. After all, digital PR mainly focuses on helping companies generate high-quality backlinks through their PR efforts that are going to support their SEO efforts. To do that, companies will first have to create high-quality assets that are going to be linkable and then promote them to relevant outlets and platforms to get them to talk about the company’s content and provide the company with a backlink. 


When companies are looking to create high-quality and linkable assets, they should be looking to conduct research studies, because most journalists and reporters these days are more than happy to quote and reference data-driven studies based on research. This is also a very common strategy in digital PR because companies get to share their stories while supporting their claims with relevant information and data. To do that, companies can either use their own data after conducting research, if that’s an option or refer to third-party data with appropriate credit.

Thought leadership

Another effective way that companies can generate more backlinks to their website is by sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise, especially when talking about breaking news or trending topics in the industry. Many journalists are constantly looking for experts from various industries that they can rely on for guidance, advice, or simply quotes on different situations or developments, to be able to educate their readers a lot better. Companies that invest time and effort into creating thought leadership content, as part of their overall PR and content marketing campaigns, can easily position themselves as industry leaders and subject matter experts, to the point where journalists will regularly reach out to the business to ask for advice or quotes on the news stories that they’re covering. This can also help companies build a rapport with relevant journalists, which contributes to the company’s digital PR efforts, as the business will have an easier time consistently earning high-quality backlinks and media coverage when the company sends out a press release or a pitch to them.


Finally, companies can use the newsjacking strategy for link building purposes, which is simply done when the company jumps in on trending topics or breaking stories with its own comments or expert insights, or just to provide people with advice on social media platforms, while simultaneously promoting itself. This is a very effective strategy when done right, and it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort investment into creating assets beforehand.

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