The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) Issues Public Relations RFP

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) is soliciting proposals from professional firms to provide public relations and marketing services in order to increase the level and quality of effective communications to the public.

Scope of Work:

The services provided shall include:

  1. Develop public relations strategies with targeted outreach for the Don Ryan Center’s special projects;
  2. Create targeted media list(s) for ongoing initiatives as well as special events.
  3. Work as liaison with any partners, etc., to create and maintain communications and enlist their cooperation in promoting campaigns and events.
  4. Draft, edit, seek approval and distribute media materials such as press releases, advisories and pitches.
  5. Work with DRCI to pursue any strategic promotional partnerships.
  6. Work with DRCI to create and execute a monthly email campaign to members, the general public and other special events as required.
  7. Promote the annual Tech Fest event.
  8. Promote the annual Golf fundraising event.
  9. Connect with local and regional groups that would benefit from having senior DRCI staff speaking at their events
  10. Assist with copywriting and editing of all promotional materials such as fliers, brochures, advertisements, scripts, etc., to maintain brand consistency.
  11. Seek out beneficial advertising arrangements that benefit DRCI’s projects.
  12. Work with DRCI to enhance, expand and promote the membership aspect of the DRCI that is available to the general public.
  13. Create strategies to grow membership on a monthly basis.
  14. Provide strategies toward DRCI’s social media channels, including monitoring, content creation, community engagement and advising on additional initiatives for effective communications.
  15. Create and pitch fresh, new and unique story angles to local and regional media.
  16. Schedule and coordinate media interviews, broadcast appearances, phone/radio interviews as needed.
  17. Draft scripts/speaking points for key spokespeople, and help with any interview preparation as needed.
  18. Provide on-site staff support at special events.
  19. Act as clearinghouse for any marketing and media related inquiries, as needed.
  20. Collect press hits/placements and maintain media report.
  21. Attend DRCI meetings either in person and/or by phone as requested by DRCI.
  22. Secure high profile speakers from throughout the region/country to provide valuable information to attendees and enhance branding/awareness of DRCI through their monthly educational sessions.
  23. Pre-event publicity to encourage attendance, and event/post-event coverage to highlight the role of DRCI in providing valuable educational sessions.

Due Date:

August 22, 2017.


Town of Bluffton – Town Hall
20 Bridge Street
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910

Lou Hammond Group maintains an office in South Carolina.

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