Dutko Worldwide Takes Authenware On As Client

dutko worldwide PR

Authenware has opted to bring Dutko Worldwide on as their public relations agency. Authenware, a keystroke biometric company, plans to promote their newest release, Authentest. This new technology will provide an economical solution to the ever-growing issue of identity theft for businesses and public officials.

With the help of Dutko Worldwide, the company intends to help business leaders understand the true cost of identity theft and offer a more reasonable, as well as cheaper, solution.

“Our company specializes in software that determines if a computer user is authorized, or an imposter, and we allow or deny access accordingly, even if the correct credentials are supplied. Dutko’s expertise is the other side of business; the side that successfully positions Authentest’s security solution in the private and public marketplaces.” says Tom Helou, president of Authenware.

Dutko Worldwide will be helping the company present their product by giving public relations advice and consulting on government affairs. They will also work with Authenware to provide the proper certifications.

The public relations firm prides itself on being one of the best in their business and integrate a variety of methods such as polling, research, development and testing and social media into their campaigns for clients. They are ready to help Authenware place their product in front of decision makers in both the private and the public sector.

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