Early Learning Coalition Seeks Digital Agency

Early Learning Coalition Seeks Digital Agency

The Early Learning Coalition of Alachua, Inc. (ELCAC) is requesting proposals from qualified professional website developer agencies. The qualified Vendor will enable the ELCAC to improve and maintain its current website – www.elcalachua.org.


The Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County, Inc. (ELCAC) was established legislatively in 1999 and is mandated by the Florida Legislature Chapter 411.01 of Florida Statutes, to provide early learning programs to children and families in Alachua County Florida, which include the School Readiness (SR) Program and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) Program. These programs must be developmentally appropriate and research-based, involve parents as their child’s first teacher, serve as preventive measures for children at-risk of future school failure, enhance the educational readiness of eligible children, and support family education.

The ELCAC’s primary goal is to provide quality early learning and voluntary pre-kindergarten education services that prepare children to be “school ready” upon entry into kindergarten.

Scope of Work:

The service provider shall have extensive knowledge and background in managing websites and will be expected to complete the responsibilities described below:

  • Maintain a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing program that increases the website’s visibility in search engine results pages.
  • Update and edit various graphics in size and clarity when required for the website. Pages are updated as needed.
  • Maintain the integrity of the site and social media accounts against spam, hackers, viruses and electronic attacks via firewalls, security software and passwords and social media postings regarding inappropriate comments.
  • Maintain link equity with our partners.
  • Complete conversion tracking, measure the click through rates and have good crawl depth within the website.
  • Submit monthly reports on how the site is being used and its effectiveness. Measurements will include: traffic sources, top keywords, top pages and referrals.
  • Maintain drop down menus to function effortlessly to ensure visitor satisfaction.
  • Maintain the calendar of events on a web calendar to be searchable by date and type of event. Events will be submitted and checked for accuracy by ELCAC staff.
  • Create electronic display ads, update icons and make changes as needed for events.
  • Participate in meetings to be held as needed with ELCAC staff to discuss its needs, issues or special projects.
  • Add, update, resize, crop or delete pictures on the website (ELCAC provides pictures).
  • Add, update or delete videos on the website (ELCAC provides videos).
  • Add, update or delete links on the website.
  • Add, update or delete any files or documents on the website.
  • Create new pages or blog posts (ELCAC provides content).
  • Design recommendations.

Due Date:

May 16th


Robin Powis

Chief Financial Officer

4424 NW 13th Street, A5

Gainesville, FL 32609


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