Ed Zitron Of EZ-PR is A Jerk & A Fool: Miserable Person Who Is Bad For PR!

Ed Zitron Public Relations

Ed Zitron is a big jerk.  He, who writes articles like “You’re Probably Lying, Especially If You Are In PR”, and “Reporters Hate PR People, And They Should.” Today, the terrible PR flack, Ed Zitron, wrote an article in the Guardian “I work In PR – and we’re all terrible people.”  What a small-headed fool. 

EZ PR Ed Zitron

We recommend to everyone to not hire or use Ed Zitron in any way.  If EZ-PR has any clients, they should fire the firm today. Zitron, of the self-promotional Wikipedia page (Note to Editors:  Remove all the self-serving content), which claims that he is “most commonly noted for his unconventional approach to the field of public relations.”

He is not noted for anything other than self-promotional noise.  And of course, one simple visit to his PR firms page – EZ PR – and you cannot even find a single client Zitron does actual Public Relations work for. Ed Zitron’s articles are unfiltered and filled with self-promotional junk which has no substance. One of his statements about PR professionals is they go on and on about things they could say in just one or two sentences – guess that’s one of those kettle / pot moments.

Reading one of his blog posts or interviews where the topic is PR will take you 30 minutes to wade through the sheer volume of negative comments, foul language, trash-talk, and self-promotion. All of which could easily have been said in two brief sentences. “I’m great. PR is bad.”

Ed Zitron EZ PR

Having read a couple of articles by or about Ed Zitron, I learned a few things. I learned I never want to waste another moment reading anything by or about him. Time is too precious of a commodity to spend it in the gutter with a scrapper who has no appreciation for the world at large, let alone the people who make it possible to pay for  what he enjoys in life. No, delete that, because saying that he enjoys something in life may not be accurate.

From every statement I read, he hated working for gaming magazines, he hates working with people, he hates working in PR, he hates. Oh, there may be one thing he loves, he loves telling the world what a mess PR is and how his no-nonsense (read uncensored) approach to PR makes him better than all the PR people who say they are better than others.

Meanwhile, no mention of even a single client who will pay this fool.

Ed, here’s a little bit of information every adult learned well before they had to start making a living. No job is perfect, no job title is filled with only great people, and no one likes every part of the job they do. Having said that, if you hate everything you do, you’re probably in the wrong profession.

All of us here at Everything PR urge you to leave the Public Relations industry – Get out.  And keep your mouth shut, jerk!

Update: You can read Ed Zitron’s reply to Ed Zitron Of EZ-PR is A Jerk & A Fool: Miserable Person Who Is Bad For PR! on Medium.


  1. Jackson Hammerfield says

    When I think PR, three things pop to mind: plantains, Rafael Cordero, and Ed Zitron. When the Spanish first invaded and brought their missionaries, Ed “El” Zitron was there. When the Americans invaded Guánica, El Zitron was there. And on the day that the peoples of PR throw off their oppressors and stand as their own sovereign nation, you’d better believe that banners bearing his visage will be raised proudly throughout San Juan.

    ¡Viva PR!
    ¡Viva El Zitron!
    ¡Viva el pueblo!

  2. PR Pro says

    I was a former client of Ed Zitron at EZ PR. He buggered my dog. He was an okay PR guy but I don’t understand why sodomizing my pet was integral to his value proposition. He kept screaming “For PR!” while violating my border collie so I can only assume it was part of his engagement process.

    Everything considered, I would probably hire him again. An unconventional approach but he did deliver results.

  3. Melissa says

    I used to be a God-fearing Evangelical preacher. Then I met Ed Zitron and realized there can be no God. There is only void.

  4. Stephen Gavin says

    Once, while driving down a backroad in Colorado Springs, I encountered one of the cutest sights imaginable. A mama duck walking her baby ducklings across the road. I put the car in park, turned on my hazards and waited for the family to cross.

    Speeding down the road was a tricked out hummer with “EZ PR” on one door and “PR SUCKS” on the other. He took off my driver’s side door and steered out of his way, making sure to drive into the family of ducks.

    I was crushed, realizing he had killed all but one of the ducklings. It was at that moment that I realized that he was coming back IN REVERSE to make sure he got that last baby duck. I dove out of the way, nearly being hit by this vile creature as the small animal took its last breath.

    It was at that moment where Ed Zitron himself, the lord of all that is evil, began collecting the ducks and throwing them in the back of his car. “Clients are getting feather pillows this year” he said with a laugh and sped away, leaving only a trail of blood and tears behind him.

  5. Brianna Wu says

    When I think of evil, I used to think of MechaHitler from Wolfenstien 3D. Then I met Ed Zitron. He cackled and said he never loved America or the PR industry.

    Ed Zitron is like an explosion in an evil factory.

    Sometimes, my husband is awakened by the pitter-patter of tears hitting my pillow. He asks me what’s wrong, and I tell him, “I just can’t accept all that Ed Zitron has done to tarnish the impeccable reputation of the PR industry.

  6. Jeb Lund says

    I watched Ed Zitron make tender love to a brand in front of me, God, and a blazing Lake Tahoe fireplace, and at the end of it both all the objects in the room and me wound up on his street team. I love to see Ed Zitron work, both as a PR expert and as a sexual grandmaster. It is my hope that, in the future, all other sex is forbidden.

  7. Nigel says

    UPDATE: Mr. Zitron called us into the conference room for an emergency PR all-hands meeting last night. He had moved the table out and replaced it with yoga mats. He had us sit on the mats and chant “Honk a hog. Crank Toyota. A big hog” for three hours. I think this PR is working.

  8. Buster says

    As a journalist who gets pitched mercilessly by PR hacks, I have to say that Ed is one of the most pleasant, funny, and intelligent PR reps I’ve ever come across. He’s one of maybe 5 persons who I will definitely not just trash their email or ignore their tweet. More PR people could learn to be chill and personable like The Evil Lord Zitron.

  9. shaun gannon says

    looooooool holy shit i have never ever read a more salty embittered rant. it’s not even disguised as a blog post, let alone thinkpiece, let alone news. I guess ‘everything’ in EverythingPR is very accurate, in that it includes tantrums. ps i have no idea who you’re even writing about lol

  10. Jeffrey Goebbels says

    Thing about pr – it is hard and i think really ed zitron is probably too… i dont know too real? i think really the drug scene of the 90s and his warning signs are just too much for most clients? wikipedia? i mean that is a really big client though so maybe he does something right. one thing to consider – what goes around comes around. i hope edward zitstron will read this and maybe change his tune or at least repack his sandwich.

    UPDATE read the comments and it seems ed sithtron not interested in reformation only playing the fool. fine. i suppose therefore i agree

  11. Ed Zitron says

    Hello Archie, Thank You For linking to my Medium Post. IT is important that all PR people learn about cranking hogs.

  12. Gary says

    I agree with Michael. I have met Ed Zitron. His head is not big. It is oblong and shaped like a vertical watermelon, but it is not overly large.

  13. Jamsque says

    One time Ed Zitron destroyed the community and commercial prospects of an online video game out of pure spite and misanthropy. A++++ would charge the Zitronosphere again.

  14. Joe Teed says

    An interesting article given Ed’s shenanigans. Perhaps you could help me out with some of my own PR needs? It’s best to contact me via Updog.

  15. Michael Parks says

    I vehemently disagree with this article on one key point. I don’t believe Ed Zitron’s head is small.

    It is strange that you urge everybody to leave the PR profession at the end of the article. Very strange, Archie, my friend.

  16. Matt K says

    I saw Ed Zitron in a dark alley once. He tickled me even though I kept asking him not to. He then took my wallet and yelled “anime, bitch!” for some reason while running off. 2/5 stars.

  17. Nigel says

    I am one of his clients. He once showed up to our office with a massive armful of twigs. Like, hundreds of them. He went around and distributed them to everyone in our office with no explanation at all. He said it was “part of doing PR.”

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