Engadget: Most Powerful Blog In The World?

Engadget Blog

Engadget Blog website You’ve probably heard about yesterday’s infamous iPhone blog post via Engadget. In a nutshell, they reported on a possible iPhone delay, and consequently Apple’s stock plunged over 2 percent because of the news. As it turned out, the information that convinced them to post the story was bogus. On any other day they would be a good candidate for our PR Goofy Award, but I am not in the mood today.

Engadget issued a statement today, giving the details of this rather “strange” story. They claim an that an Apple employee forwarded them an email. Apparently, the email had been sent to several Apple employees, so it appeared more legitimate to Endgadget.

There were also claims that other bloggers had received similar mails, or the “Mommy Johnny did it too defense”, as I call it. And, because they could not reach Steve Jobs himself, they decided to throw the devastating news out there. Uhhummm! Amazing, the power of blogs these days, maybe one day we can cause Apple to lose a billion bucks or something too?

Engadget is one of the most respected sources on the Internet, I love them actually. But, even though we all make mistakes, this was a little bit beyond sense and sensibility for an outlet with their notoriety and resources. Well, at least if the iPhone is delayed, Apple can blame it on Engadget, right?

This stuff hurts all our credibility. Blogs can be some of the most respected sources of information, but all it takes is one slip up likle this, and POFF, suddenly we all become sooth sayers or something akin. bad move Engadget, bad bad.

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