Entertainment Fusion Group: A PR Firm To Avoid

2015-11-10 by Jason Tannahill

Entertainment Fusion Group

The public relations firm Entertainment Fusion Group works primarily with celebrity, fashion, and branding. The firm handles the branding of a wide variety of miscellaneous products like alcohol, makeup, apps, and jewelry on their list of clients. The variety gives the firm footing in a lot of different areas, but it is a very discombobulated and unfocused company. It’s unclear who EFG views as their target market – and we put this on the list of PR firms to avoid.

The EFG Public Relations Focus

The lack of focus clearly shows on the home page of EFG’s website. A scrolling slide show highlights the focal points of the company, attracting potential clients looking for PR support. First, the site highlights its ability to build brands with the tagline “we create ideas and stories that move the consumer,” and that’s followed by slides of successfully branded products.

The first is Deleon Tequila, falling under the “consumer lifestyle PR”; next is an app “Born in New York. Designed in New York” filed under “digital advertising campaign,” then comes a jewelry brand by Sydney Evans, and filed under “fashion PR.”

What’s missing from the Entertainment Fusion Group? A lot – from what we hear they have very high employee turnover rates, very high client turnover rates and are generally not a good place to be associated with.

Mr. Peter Philipp Wingsoe

Entertainment Fusion Group PR  History

EFG was founded in 2001 and is headed by Mr. Peter Philipp Wingsoe serving as CEO and Managing Director of EFG US Operations at Entertainment Fusion Group, Inc. The company has four worldwide locations, two in the USA (L.A. and NYC) and two in Asia (Hong Kong and the Philippines).

Started as primarily an L.A. firm specializing in event promotion, the company expanded with various acquisitions over the years, including Danielle Thur’s Whisper in 2010, opening their reach to the East Coast.At the time of the expansion, they kept Whisper without changes, putting Whisper’s founder, Danielle Thur in charge of Entertainment Fusion Group in NYC.

At the time, Peter Philipp Wingsoe said about the acquisition: “In further expanding a client base on the East Coast, we are confident that Danielle’s expertise across all areas will maximize our New York operations and increase our global operations.” All it’s done is further muddy the water for a very subpar firm.

We don’t see a very bright future for Entertainment Fusion Group and do not recommend them.

Jason Tannahill - Everything Public Relations News