Ericho PR Agency Profile & Eric Yaverbaum

2018-07-18 by EPR Staff


Ericho PR Agency Profile & Eric Yaverbaum

Created by an award-winning PR expert, Eric Yaverbaum – Ericho Communications is a highly impressive NYC-based PR agency and communications company with a background in media relations, media training, and crisis communications. Ericho Communications works with innovative and forward-thinking brands across a range of verticals. They immerse themselves in the businesses they work with to offer customized and highly engaging marketing campaigns.

Leadership and Clients

One of the things that makes Ericho so compelling is its leadership. Eric Yaverbaum was the co-founder for Jericho communications, and he served as president for the 21-year old company until its sale in 2006. When Jericho Communication’s sale went through it was the 11th best agency in the US to work for. Eric is also regularly on the lecture circuit – providing advice for professional organizations and colleges. Eric puts 35 years of industry expertise into his position at Ericho Communications.

Yaverbaum is also a best-selling author. Eric’s books include I’ll Get Back to You, which he wrote with Bob Shook, and PR for Dummies, as well as leadership secrets of the world’s most successful CEOs. Eric’s most recent book – Life’s Little College Admissions Insights came from a collaboration with his daughter.

Perks and Problems

Ericho has transformed the public relations sector with a leader that has more than 30 years of experience in the space. They offer a range of great services and gather testimonials from some of the biggest clients in the world. As well as giving aspiring PR agents a chance to build and develop their skills in the network, Ericho also offers an exciting community and a strong benefits package for their employees. They’re a compelling place to work in with plenty of opportunities for growth and development under an industry leader.


Ericho believes that if PR is going to be successful, it needs to start with a solid strategy. The company offers a wide range of services all the way from media relations to crisis communication, media management, and social media marketing. Ericho uses email marketing direct mail marketing, direct response campaigns and a host of other solutions to appeal to their clients.

Importantly, the minds behind Ericho focus on offering customized and highly focused campaigns to their clients based on the unique needs they have.

Getting a Job with Ericho PR

Ericho is a company that believes in offering exceptional storytelling and next-level marketing to a host of interesting and innovative companies.

The organization is constantly looking for public relations experts to join their team, as well as writing interns who will work in their Brooklyn office. With their internships, Ericho PR give individuals interested in the PR space a chance to see what it’s like working with a real forward-thinking agency. The company expects any applicants for jobs or internships to be passionate and focused with a focused and intelligent approach to performing in a startup-style environment.


Decent Firm, But we tend to think Agencies like 5WPR or DKC PR are better choices.