A Wounded Erin Andrews of ESPN Endeavors To Persevere

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Erin Andrews seems like a nice lady, and we sure don’t want to cause her any further insult or injury, she has evidently been through enough. We reported on the sensational “peep hole” videos earlier on, like everyone else, as the ESPN star was assailed by the news media and Google searchers looking for her hide, literally. Whether or not the whole affair was some sort of publicity stunt, or just a capitalization on a hot trend, no one will probably ever know. One thing seems certain though, Erin Andrews on Oprah, and at the fingertips of everyone with a keyboard, cannot be as demoralizing as Andrews is painting it now. The final analysis for Andrews and ESPN may add up to a huge PR Goof!

Andrews just appeared on Oprah to talk about her perseverance through the whole sorted and demoralizing affair. At least she seems determined to ride that pony to the end zone frmo this writer’s perspective. These things are sometimes difficult to comment on, as seeing inside a person’s heart or mind is awfully hard to do. I just know that it seems really noble people tend to under play things like this, while more predatory types tend to capitalize to maximum effect. The Oprah segment will air next tuesday according to rivals.com’s Matt Hinton. Somehow even appearing to cry on Oprah’s shoulder in front of the bling grabbing, predominantly female audiences there, seems out of place for any sportscaster to me. It sort of detracts from the football toughness we so often attach to them, doesn’t it?

erin andrews espnLooking forward for Andrews, it seems clear her career won’t be the same as it was. I am not thrilled by her, how should I express this? Her Goody two shoes reaction and statements about all this. Reportedly she told Oprah that she “opened up the computer [and] could feel my heart pounding,” when she found out about what had occurred, describing the incident as a “nightmare.” A press release from AP, via Fox Sports further dramatizes Erin’s conversation with Oprah, almost to the point of being disgusting for me. Speaking of her upcoming season broadcasting Andrews make this rather “Joan of Arc” revelation referring to hre relative “woundedness” over the whole debacle. Andrews says:

“I’m excited to get back to work this fall, it’s really going to help me heal my wounds.”

erin andrewsDon’t get me wrong, women being taken advantage of like Erin obviously was is an awful thing. However, continuing the “story” whether via Oprah or any other outlet, does not exactly help the situation for Andrews. Think about how her colleagues, sports fans, and ultimately players are going to react to her if this whole things does not die down. Most guys are certainly going to be freaked out with mixed emotions about her. It is a lot to think about, certainly for Andrews, and people around her as well. I just think she would have been much better off taking a sort of “tough gal” track towards dealing with the whole thing. If she had sluffed the whole thing off more, it would have minimized what may become her sword of Damocles later on – untouchable girl next dooriness.

Time have certainly changed in sports. Andrews is lucky she is not working for Monday Night Football back when Dandy Don, Howard and Frank were in the booth. I can just see their commentary the first time she stepped onto the field after all this. Howard would expound on the legal ramifications of her plight, while Frank Gifford unerringly attempted to do the play by play, and Dandy Don? Well, Don Meredith would be calling down to the sidelines trying to get one of the camera men to fall over and get an “upskirt” of Andrews for the home audience. Face it, there are so many stories of women having far worse things happen to them, and no mention on Oprah.

dandy donWell, maybe not that drastic, but you see my point. Andrews has now pretty much ostracized herself from what has been a natural tendency for the male audience to see her as the sexiest reporter according to Playboy, and replaced that characterization with one less appealing for a lady sports reporter. After all, the reason she is on ESPN may be in large part for her talent, but having a beauty in the locker room has other Neilsen implications as well. The tail end of this over publicized “nightmare” as Andrews calls it? Making a tragedy of her right to privacy and criminal trespass into one of a “poor pitiful me” story amid grid iron toughness. Perhaps ESPN’s PR people can spin the right story though, and somehow make a real Joan of Arc of Andrews? She seems to be a very professional lady, who perhaps just took the wrong advice.


  1. joe says

    i read your post after hearing something on the radio. I have no feelings one way or the other, but do want to comment that your post is full of typos and some grammatical errors, which made it confusing to read at points.

    • Phil Butler says

      Thanks for the heads up Joe, I will go back through it once again. I am the world’s worst typist :)


    • Phil Butler says

      Joe, Went back through post, and as fate would have it, found only my “creative” wording in three places. Those are not actually dictionary words I guess you noticed, but colloquialisms found in the South and elsewhere. If you find something specific and have the time, please advise.


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