EZPR Idiot Ed Zitron Launches Website..And Isn’t Good At Public Relations

2015-11-18 by Richard D. Pace

Ed Zitron

Ed Zitron, Founder & CEO of EZPR has long been regarded by the Public Relations industry as a jerk and a fool – and now we confirm he is also an idiot. The ego-maniac wrote an op-ed in Adweek bragging about the fact that he has a website (and even bought a domain) for his so-called PR firm – which seemingly has a fake San Francisco office, and no New York office at all, despite Zitron’s claims of success.

Are you kidding?

The clients he lists don’t include any Fortune 500 clients as he claims to represent, and despite multiple inquiries to the clients listed on his site are unable to verify any of them are current clients.  It seems to us that Zitron is skilled at pitching media – a solo practitioner who does a lot of great PR for himself.

This is a man who has made a living from attacking the very industry from which he lives.

The footer links on his website are not directed to Twitter or Facebook, his site has no meta-tags and meta-data (SEO 101), and right now both www.ezpr.com and http://ez-pr.com/ are indexed on Google as separate sites, with no 301 redirect. Zitron did a “rebrand” but the PR guru dropped the ball, and his “site” has only one page indexed on Google.

He is clearly skilled at media relations – but that isn’t all Public Relations is.

While Mr. Zitron didn’t respond to multiple inquiries, the sole person who we reached, Jordan Barnes of icracked said even though his company is listed as a “client”, they in fact are NOT a client.  She said, “Ed represented iCracked for two years. Before Ed, iCracked had zero brand equity and zero media relations. He has been a massive player in the growth of the company and instrumental in our success.”

Yet, Zitron makes a lot of noise insulting the Public Relations industry world – and makes a big deal out of everything he does.  Reporters appreciate when PR people denigrate themselves.

Zitron’s oped says “If you are going to rebrand your agency, you need to be thinking beyond what other agencies look like, as they mostly look the same.”   Zitron’s is different – he has no address, he blogs less than once a month, he has no employees – and has an outsized ego.

We strongly recommend anyone seeking a PR agency do not hire EZPR:  even though he finally figured out he needs a website.  Ed Zitron is a jerk and an idiot who bites the hand that feeds him. EZPR should not be hired by anyone who cares about their brand.

P.S.: We have inquiries regarding litigation and lawsuits in which he is a defendant. Should we hear back, we will share details with readers. 

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