Family Guy to Become a 3D Multiplayer Online Game

family guy online maintenance screen

An official website Family Guy online has been active since late June, however, the intent behind it has been just revealed. The site will be hosting a free-to-play, browser-based, 3D multiplayer game. The game will launch in open beta later this year, but players can already create and customize their game characters at, and have them posted on their Facebook page.

When we attempted to give Family Guy Online a go, we were, unfortunately, welcomed with the maintenance screen below – an unfortunate occurrence for 20th Century Fox who announced the site officially a few hours ago.

On Family Guy Online Facebook page, the team behind the project was quick in issuing an apology for the maintenance page, and the 500 errors experienced by users excited about creating their own characters:

“Seeing a 500 Error? We know, we are too. is currently not allowing you to create those Family Guy characters you were promised. But the site will be accessible shortly, you have our word!”

In theory, Family Guy Online is set in a 3D virtual Quahog, and lets players interact with the actual Family Guy characters – from the Griffins to Greased-Up Deaf Guy. The game can be played in single-player or multi-player mode, and features adventures along Quahog’s most well-known landmarks, including Spooner Street, The Drunken Clam and Lake Quahog.

The game was developed in partnership with Roadhouse Interactive, a social online game production compan, which manages an integrated network of development and operational partners, including A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games. Other partners include Mindwalk Studios, a digital art and animation studio; and Sleepy Giant Entertainment, an independent game operations management company.

The purpose of creating the online game was obviously to further the reach of the show. According to Robert Marick, executive vice president, Fox Consumer Products, “the Family Guy Online game is a cornerstone of FCP’s strategy to grow the Family Guy brand and provide Family Guy fans with fully-immersive, entertainment experiences across multiple touch points.”

Family Guy Online also has a major presence at Comic-Con International annually. We hear there are major fans of the game at Dukas PR & Hunter PR.

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