Federal Government Funding Health Program Seeking PR Company

2015-11-17 by EPR Staff

National Primate Research Centers

The seven National Institutes of Health-designated National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs) are seeking a one-year engagement with a PR agency of record.  NPRC consists of seven American research programs, and is funded by the National Institute of Health, a department of the United States Department of Health and human services.

The NPRCs form a network of unique institutions that serve as a national scientific resource for research that advances human health through the use of nonhuman primates. The centers provide animals, expertise and specialized facilities and equipment to scientists conducting research with nonhuman primates.  Additional information is available here.

The goals of hiring a PR firm include to:

  • Provide compelling scientific and public policy narrative for the importance of nonhuman primates (NHPs) in biomedical and behavioral research
  • Improve awareness of NPRC resources among key audiences in an effort to increase use of NPRC resources by investigators
  • Increase awareness of the value of NPRC-based research with NHPs among funding agencies in an effort to increase funds available to researchers who want to conduct research with NHPs at the NPRCs

The objectives of hiring a PR firm include:

  • Determine NPRC brand, including look, messages and materials
  • Educate NIH, NIH-funded researchers and Foundations on the resources the NPRCs offer through information about NPRC research, successes with NHPs in research and other key messages
  • Educate the public and Congress on NPRC successes and the expert care we provide center animals through multiple communication channels (online, traditional media, direct contact)
  • Determine priority professional societies and strategic partners

The engaged firm will need to evaluate an understanding of each of the NPRCs and NPRCs, further develop the brand platform – on-line and off-line, handle a full scale and extensive media relations program, and more.

All proposals are due by December 18, 2015, with inquiries directed to Lisa Newbern, lisa.newbern@emory.edu