Finance & PR: 5 Leading Financial PR Firms and Why They Stand Out

2020-09-29 by JamesD

Financial PR is not only demanding, but also varied and complex. While offering PR professionals the opportunity to engage with the ever-changing financial markets, PR agencies have the role of advising a wide variety of financial professionals.

Fundamentally, financial PR professionals play novel roles in managing and improving reputations prior to Initial Public Offers (IPO) and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and thereafter communicating appropriate messages to key audiences. Not only are Financial PR activities rewarding, but they also give communication professionals unfettered access to senior management teams, thus improving how stories are positioned to optimal effect.

Whilst Financial PR is uniquely rewarding, not all PR agencies are cut for the challenges therein. That said, working with a leading PR firm can make the difference between a successful IPO or M&A, or a complete flop. This article highlights five leading financial PR firms and what makes them stand out.

Leading Financial PR Firms

Finn Partners

Founded in December 2011, Finn Partners is considered one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the United States. Growing by leaps and bounds, the firm has created a diverse talent pool boasting expertise that spans specialized boutiques and big agencies. Named Best Mid-Sized Agency of the Year and Best Agency to Work for Within North America, the agency has clearly honed its marketing and communication prowess.

Within the financial space, the Finn-led agency has worked with TrinTech seeking to align the company’s legacy products as leaders in the financial services space. Through differentiated positioning of content and imagery, video, website, ebook displays, and new logos, the award-winning agency deployed a new brand family design that improved how the company goes to market.


Founded by Ronn Torossian in January 2003, the PR agency has grown into an award-winning firm. Honored as the 2020 Agency of the Year during the 18th Annual American Business Awards, 5WPR has contrived to create ripples within the marketing communications space.

Worth noting, the Torossian-led agency has worked with Payoneer (a financial services firm that enables cross-border B2B transactions in 200 countries). Seeking to increase Payoneer’s visibility within the international press, tier-1 business media, and leading payment and retail trade publications, 5WPR achieved outstanding results. The agency’s efforts resulted in more than 65 million media impressions in countless top-tier news outlets. They also work extensively with hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions. 

Prosek Partners

Started by Jennifer Prosek, the independent public relations firm ranks among the top financial communications agencies within the U.S. and the UK. Standing tall amongst the top 25 agencies in New York Observer’s PR Power List of 2018, the Prosek-led agency has cut its name in the financial and professional services space. Leveraging decades of industry expertise, the PR agency has mastered the art of building, strengthening, and protecting the image of the world’s leading brands.

Brunswick Group

Since 1987, Brunswick Group has grown into a strategic advisory firm  that’s focused on critical issues. With 24 offices in 15 countries, Sir Alan Parker’s agency has earned its position as a leading communications firm with worldwide reach.Leveraging more than three decades of expertise, Brunswick supports brands by working with top financial and legal advisors in developing winning communication strategies for Shareholder Activism, IPOs, and  M&As. The award-winning agency works with clients in Europe, Asia, the U.S., South Africa, and the Middle East.

Dukas Linden PR (DLPR)

Specializing as a communication partner for top brands in finance, fintech, asset management and professional services, DLPR has carved out its niche since inception in 2003. By creating compelling stories, the PR agency enhances its clients’ brand value, shares their voice, and engages key audiences within the global marketplace.