Five New Media Companies You Need to Know

Idea companiesSince the advent of the social web many digital media companies have established brands digitally aware companies now recognize. WebiMax, Viral Media Solutions, Ignite Social Media, Custard Media, Mint Social and some others are not exactly household words, but their campaigns are largely.

Below you’ll find some more emerging or established companies that go the extra yard to extend social media campaigns for clients. Where creativity and innovation meet the crowd, this is where peeps and fans become loyal followers and customers. Check out great companies that can help your business canvas the social web.


An Atlanta interactive ad agency, Armchair is a company that specializes in designing and developing multimedia strategies and campaigns to engage new audiences. Established in 2001, Armchair’s team is comprised of digital strategists, designers, writers, technologists and programmers. The company led by CEO Scott Woelfel (Formerly CNN), serves a client list that includes early stage startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Proximity Worldwide

A super well known brand, but one sometimes overlooked, Proximity Worldwide is without a doubt one one of the top agencies in the world that takes brands to the people. Beyond creative media, there is creative strategy and insight too. What makes companies really special is the ability of key decision makers to establish a core identity and focus for the whole company. Proximity clearly believes in a magical power to actually change the way people, and consumers, think about brands. CEO Andreas Combuechen’s company is not just a PR or ad item however, this company is about the facets of image. Proximity is about the “variables” and “components” of image. Metrics to movie magic, and everything in between. If you don’t believe this company has powerful ideas, try and convince anyone in Russia to buy something they don’t think they need. :)

The Banner Wheelchair Suns

The Banner Wheelchair Suns from the Lavidge Facebook album

The Lavidge Company

While not often considered a new media company, I assure you this traditional creative firm is anything but prehistoric in their thinking and the action. As suggested in their front page dogma; “National Boutique Is Not An Oxymoron”, the company led by Bill Lavidge is famed for helping the corner store become the universally accepted national supermarket brand. The company started in 1982 is now one of the biggest PR and marketing movers in the Southern US. Design, interactive, PR, events, ads, production, you won’t find a more complete communications company. But you know, sometimes companies are as much about who they associate themselves with, clients or otherwise. Lavidge seems to be part of the Phoenix community first, then…

The YMarketing landing

The YMarketing landing says it all – now you can say “Call Us”


If you are anything like us you like a company that puts its money where its mouth is. Is that statement even correct grammatically? Well, YMarketing is not really even a word either, but if you visit the company’s website landing you’ll understand what I am driving at. It’s all about results. The company that has exhibited 4600% growth in the last three years, that just strikes through their Inc. positioning number from 50 to 49, and the success driven peeps behind the machine just offering a contact addy? You’ll get the point I know. Twitter engaged, Instagrammed, Facebooked, and so forth, YMarketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Online Marketing Optimization (OMO). Ryan Lash’s company just appears to “do it” – digital marketing that is.

Critical Mass

Did you ever hear the term “saving the best for last?” Now think about your company for a moment, please. What do you want your digital branding expert to be able to do? Anything, right? That’s just what Critical Mass aims to do. Working for huge brands like Adidas, NASA, Moen, HP, Harley Davidson, Infiniti, Nissan – stop right there… The video above says it all when ideas meet creativity applied to needed branding. Critical Mass engages to transform a gamer into a race car driver in real life? I rest my case and Critical Mass’ too. Dianne Wilkins’ team really does turn people and ideas into results. Nissan & Playstation, GT Academy, this is as good as it gets.


Of course there are dozens and dozens more ad and marketing firms out there, we will bring you many more in the weeks to come. PR, Marketing, Advertising, there’s a lot of indispensable value out there for meeting your company goals, let us introduce you to them.

We leave you with another video from Critical Mass, one portraying the wonderful furniture artistry of Theodore Alexander. Did you ever witness an ad about home furnishings that could almost evoke tears? Watch.

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