Forbes Most Promising Companies: Zeta Global, and Many Others


Today, Forbes Magazine announced their most promising companies, and as they say:

 “Though we prize growth numbers on our Most Promising list, top line doesn’t say everything. We want sustainable growth, so we strive to take a holistic gauge of the companies that apply. Over the course of four months we reviewed hundreds of applications from businesses across the country. The final assessment is based on growth (both in sales and hiring), quality of management team and investors, margins, market size and key partnerships. Then we spoke to each company to make sure we didn’t miss anything.” 

Amazingly, as Forbes noted, of the 100 companies listed, more than 33 of them were founded during the worst economic period in the world.  The most promising company in America was Nabi, an Android-based tablet for kids which has raised $55 Million including from Dreamworks.

So many great companies on the list, not least amongst them, Zeta Global , a global big data-driven marketing company.  Data is a fast growing industry, and CEO David Steinberg previously ran a company which was INC. Magazine company of the year.  Zeta Global is a Forrester-rated, enterprise marketing technology platform and catalyst for the company’s successful entry into big data & CRM.

Check ZETA’s entry on Forbes here:

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