Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow Opens Individualized Recovery Center: To Live On The Grounds Of His Office

Keith Ablow

Imagine having individualized treatment by one of America’s most well-respected psychiatrists?

And now, stop imagining – Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow is opening Hiatus 1, a unique exclusive healing and recovery center for depression, panic disorder, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder, toxic relationships or addictions.

Hiatus 1 offers one person at a time the opportunity to reside in the small, elegant home on the grounds of Dr. Ablow’s Newburyport, Massachusetts office.  This sets the stage for multiple meetings with Dr. Ablow each day and a tailored program of medication management, life story analysis, nutritional counseling, and state-of-the- art technologies, including ketamine infusion therapy.

Dr Keith Ablow

“The options for those who want truly intensive treatment for psychological distress are limited. Hiatus 1 will offer truly individualized programs to transform the one individual who will be treated at a time. There is of course complete privacy, in a manner no other center can offer. It is unrealistic for many CEOs or attorneys or physicians or celebrities to be completely out of touch with their responsibilities while getting the needed help to overcome their difficulties,” Ablow said.

To inquire about availability at Hiatus 1, Dr. Ablow’s staff can be reached at

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