Freud PR Takes Veteran Publicist Elizabeth Wolfe Aboard

Landing of Freud Communications Website.

In International PR news today, London based PR firm Freud Communications has named veteran publicist Elizabeth Wolfe as a senior VP. According to the news, Wolfe will be in charge of expanding the company’s world wide clientele, and with Wolfe’s connections in Hollywood and elsewhere, adding her to the team at Freud.

Freud CEO Jonathan Bing highlighted the company’s decision in pointing out Wolfe’s experience and qualifications, and especially as to her understanding of the entertainment sector. Wolfe has served as VP of publicity for DisneyToon Studios as well as being a veteran at Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures marketing aspect. She has also worked with Nu Image/Milennium Films as VP of publicity there, and at First Look Pictures as well.

An interesting “by line” to this story is that Freud Communications was founded by Matthew Freud, who is related to the supposed “father” of modern PR Edward Bernays. Bernays himself was also related to famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Freud operates primarily in Europe and North America. With the addition of a notable such as Wolfe (pictured left), and with her evident contacts, Freud has evidently made a wise move. Freud is now a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe a French conglomerate. Matthew Freud had had his problems with the company, and finally sold his major share to Publicis in 2005.


  1. Angela Shearer says

    Dear Ms Wolfe….I am the granddaughter of Harold James Shearer . He was a survivor of USS Indianapolis. I pray that in honor of them you see fit to get their storey to the theater & let the world see who our true heroes are!! May God bless you, Angela Shearer

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