Marketing Next: Budd & Hoverson Conversion Course

Jonathan Bud Machu PicchuFuturistic Marketing, an initiative of Jonathan Budd (left at Machu Picchu) and Mark Hoverson, promises entrepreneurs the inside track on what works in online marketing techniques. With converting online users into customers in mind, the marketing course, and its automation software, offers an affordable conversion solution, according to their news.

This new class/product launch focuses on two key areas of social media marketing: influence and traffic. According to the creators of the Futuristic Marketing course and its software, traffic is the key component of business online. Visitors to landing pages, video, or other company assets are what drives the economic engine – without enough of the right kinds of it, any business will die. The video below explains a bit about Budd’s philosophy is a good intro into these new courses.

Traffic, conversions, Budd and Hoverson are accepted experts and influence brokers in the field. For those interested in these latest developments offers a Futuristic Marketing review. Readers can also visit Jonathan Budd’s website to find out more about his strategies etc.

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