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Eros International Media Ltd

Excel Entertainment and Eros International Media Ltd present GAME. The film is a traditional “whodunit” directed by the rising star Abhinay Deo. Abhishek Bachhan and Kangana Ranaut lead the studding cast of what should become a most anticipated flick.

Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, the rest of GAME’s ensemble cast are; Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Shahana Goswami, Gauhar Khan. On an interesting (and sexy) note, Ex-miss India Sarah Jane Dias is making her debut in the film.  A stunning soundtrack, and breathtaking visuals, what we have all come to expect from Eros, back up a decent script and story line here.

Scheduled to release on 18th March, 2011, GAME is the story of 4 strangers invited by the reclusive Kabir Malhotra, to a private Island in Greece. No one knows the others, and the morning after their arrival the fun begins – all the guests wish they had skipped this invitation.  5 International cities later, after the movie goer clings to his or her seat for a couple of hours, all the suspects and clues to a devious murder plot come together “clue” style – a little surprise never hurt anyone, right?

Below, we have shots of the various stars of the film preceded by a brief bio of the star. The stunning official trailer is also below, and as the film release draws nearer, we may have some surprises for the fans – stay tuned. It looks like Eros has another hit – we look forward to catching some advance footage for you.

Actor, producer, and all around heart throb, Abhishek Bachhan is  the son of Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. He is also  married to actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai. Bachchan debuted in the film Refugee in 2000, and has since been seen in Dhoom and in Yuva (2004).

Abhishek Bachchan in the star billionaire drug lord role

Abhishek Bachchan in the star billionaire drug lord role – perfect casting


He has received any number of awards including; several Filmfare Award in the Best Supporting Actor and other categories, a National Film Award (as a producer) for Paa, also won the Best Feature Film in Hindi Award. Abhishek Bachhan is truly one of India’s most popular and world renown actors. He and his lovely wife Aishwarya Rai, have actually even been on Oprah – woo hoo! Below the star is seen with debuting actress Sarah Jane Dias in promo shots we were sent by Eros. (more woo hoo! maybe?)

 Abhishek and Sarah of GAME

Abhishek in promo shot with Sarah Jane Dias

Kangana Ranaut made her Bollywood debut in 2006 in the hit film Gangster. She has since won both a Filmfare and a National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Fashion, in 2008. Since that time, the former model has never looked back. She has appeared in no less than 12 major roles since then, and at least 5 have been released, or are scheduled for release this year (including GAME).

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, GAME’s most serious actor perhaps

Of the stars involved in this upcoming film, perhaps the most talented is Ranaut.  Diva or debutante, reporter, sex symbol, character bit, it’s easy to see why she was cast alongside Abhishek – even if the make leaded needed no support, good acting never hurt any film. The image below reveals the other side of this rising star.

Kangana Ranaut, sexy or sweet, a rising talent.

Kangana Ranaut, sexy or sweet, a rising talent.

If you were making a Bollywood action thriller that needed supporting credibility, Anupam Kher might come up as one of your first casting decisions. With over 400 films to his credit, this Padma Shri Award-winning Indian actor may not actually have any rival. The former chairperson of the National School of Drama made his film debut in the 1982 Hindi movie Aagman. Directing, acting, you name it, this talented film personality is sure to have made the GAME effort more enjoyable. Mark my words. Anupam is seen below via Eros stills we received.

Anupam Kher as Kabir Malhotrain the movie Game(2011)

Anupam Kher as Kabir Malhotrain the movie Game(2011)

If Kher’s professionalism and talent did not add enough to the making of this film, Boman Irani’s theatre and photographic art surely has to have had a positive effect. Since his film debut in 2000, at the age of 44, Irani has appeared in dozens of hit films. His award winning performance in the his comedy 3 Idiots is particularly indicative. Villain or whatever, Irani has played them all. He is seen below via Eros promo still.

Boman Irani as Op Ramsay in the movie Game(2011)

Boman Irani as Op Ramsay in the movie Game(2011)

Shahana Goswami has wanted to be an actress all of her life, and the dream is coming true like a fairy tale. Since her debut in Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota Shahana has worked her way into the hearts of the audience, as well as Bollywood’s casting elite. The image below shows a bit of why this young actress is going places.

Shahana Goswami as Tisha in GAME

Shahana Goswami as Tisha in GAME (2011)

Debuting beautiful actresses is something Bollywood is famous for. The upcoming release of GAME will do its part to offer up a rising news star to audiences as well.  Sarah Jane Dias, Miss India 2007, is a model, televisions, and now film actress the producers of GAME hope will fill the bill as far as attracting fans to see their offering. Judging by the stills of the budding star we were sent, there seems to be no reason anyone can doubt her ability as a draw. The young lady is stunning, as you can see below.

Sarah Jane Dias

Sarah Jane Dias in GAME (2011)

We leave you with the official trailer of the film. You might also like to preview the stunning music video, or download your own images of the cast via the Eros International site here.  Alternatively, you can check out all the video’s at Eros’ YouTube Channel, in case you missed any. Until our next report, thanks for visiting Everything PR.

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