Getting Attention With an About Us Page

One of the main pages that people tend to check when they visit a website is the About Us page, which provides them with a lot of information that they might want or need to know to be able to make a more authentic connection to the business. However, most companies tend to find this page in particular as the most difficult one to create in the first place. Most companies tend to strive to explain why they are so great and list all of the accomplishments and credentials of their team members on this page. On the other hand, there are some companies that prefer to detail the company history on this page. However, neither option is great, because, with both, companies end up with long blocks of text that most people tend to find difficult to read. The main reason why these types of long blocks of text are so difficult is that they’re all about the company when potential customers don’t care about the awards that the company has managed to achieve, the short bios of each one of the team members, or anything else. The main thing that any potential customer or website visitor in general wants to learn is how the company is able to make their lives better and what the company can do for them.


The first step in creating an About Us page that’s going to get the right attention is for the company to begin with the reason why it exists, the reason why the potential customers should care about the company and its solutions, and why they should want to become a part of the story of the company. As the company starts describing these reasons, it’s important to be concise and straightforward by explaining how the company is able to make the lives of its customers better without bragging, and instead simply using credentials and facts.


Another thing the companies can add on this page is the confidence that potential customers might need to be able to make a purchase with the company by showing them what success looks like for the company and its customers. However, that doesn’t mean companies should be showing their sales numbers over the last quarter on this page, and instead, they should show short case studies or testimonials on how the company managed to help its customers achieve success, and explain how their success is the company’s success as well. By adding anecdotes that come from real people, companies will be able to create an attention-grabbing story, that’s going to give a lot more meaning to the solutions that they’re trying to provide to the target audience, and become a lot more memorable for potential customers at the same time.

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