What Google Alerts Can Do for You

2011-05-25 by EPR Staff

Google Alerts

The rise of the internet and the popularity of Social Media have created many web-based jobs. And there is no doubt that that the search engine plays a significant role in facilitating tasks related to such kind of work. One of the latest tool that Google has launched which compliments its popular search engine is called Google alerts.

If this is the first tit time you have heard of it then this could be your lucky day. Not only does it help you filter your searches but it does so by sending you the latest relevant links straight to your inbox as soon as it gets published in the web, day in and day out. Gone are the days when you need to type in your search word daily. It is powerful and here are some ideas to exploit the abilities of Google Alert to your advantage.

1. Maintain your niche.

With the latest news at your fingertips then you may as well become an expert in your industry. Know that to become one requires you not only to know what has happened in the past but what is yet to come. It keeps you on your toes whether you are are a gadget freak or a marketing officer that need to be in the know of the latest trends that may impact your line of work.  This may well be your secret weapon to  keep your  way up  above other players so work it out. For example, if you are in travel niche, your Google Aleets search terms may be as follows:

Travel OR Timeshare OR Vacation OR Vacations OR Traveling OR Holidays

2. Seek jobs. Planning a career change?

Then let Google alert do the job hunting for you. Your dream job may be yet to be posted but be reassured that as soon as it does, then you’ll be the first one in line. You can utilize the alert to keep a reference as well of which companies are hiring such kind of job should you not be ready to say goodbye to your workplace but might be in the future.

3. Improve popularity of your website.

The data that Google Alert can give you is as precious as fuel to give your website it’s much need oomph. Find out how your pages rank and which one does and why. See where traffic is coming from and give credit where credit is due. Take out your key words and compare it to high ranking pages that pops up. Find out where can you best leave comments that will end up with extra traffic back to your site. Google alert is one of the best weapon for making your SEO strategies.

4. Find inspiration.

Works well for writers who may be experiencing some lapses in creativity. Use Google Alert to bring the freshest topics or headlines to your area of interest. The links that come in your mailbox may not be necessarily from your fieldwork but still, relevant topics may just be the spark that you need for your next Eureka moment.

5. Save money.

No longer do you need to search for the latest shopping deals or be the last to know about exclusive sale events on your favorite brands. Use Google alert as your personal shopper and fine tune it to let you know as soon as that specific item becomes available.