Google Ditches the Black Bar, Starts Redesigning Sites

Google’s design changes have traditionally been subtle. Some people may not even notice them, but for others certain recent changes have been pretty major. One of those was the black bar at the top of every Google account page showing links to various services, and a menu to access even more. Yesterday, Google announced that the black bar (or Google bar) will soon be gone, and that is only part of what the search company is calling the “next stage” of its redesign.

Old Google bar

Old Google bar

Google is not just changing the black bar back to white. It is completely redesigning it. Rather than being a horizontal bar that stretches across the top of the entire page, Google will have a small drop-down menu underneath the Google logo. In it will be the links you would expect: “Images”, “Videos”, “Gmail”, and “Maps”, and by hovering over the “More” option, a menu will display additional services.

New Google design

New Google design (no black bar)


What you will still see at the top is your Google+ account information, including a share button, allowing you to easily increase Google’s dominating web presence. Rather than take up extra space at the top, these “Google Plus Tools” will be integrated into the top portion of the page that already contains the logo, search box, search button, and now the tiny Google Menu.

New Google Plus Tools

Google Plus Tools menu

Google already has a help center page to help users get acquainted with the new features, even though only some users currently have the feature. Google will likely start gradually rolling out the new design to more users soon.


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