GraphicMail: Solid Email and Mobile Campaigns


GraphicMail allows you to create newsletters and publish targeted email, mobile and social media through a single application.

Season-tailored marketing is an opportunity for every business in the world to boost sales and ROI. It may be a little late to push a Christmas campaign, but it’s just the right time for New Year messaging – and what better, and faster way, than a mobile outreach can you think of? This is the reason why we are featuring GraphicMail today, instead of a service like VerticalResponse, iContact, ConstantContact or MailChimp.

Using GraphicMail poses a financial advantage over most of its competitors even for email campaigns, with packages starting at as low as £9.95 per month. As any modern email campaign tool, GraphicMail integrates social media functionality, allowing you too share and boost campaigns with Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Additionally, the GraphicMail reports integrate with Google Analytics, for a more intelligent ROI analysis, customer segmentation, and audience targeting, but also analysis of Google traffic generated by each campaign. Although these are not features unique to GraphicMail, they come at competitive prices, and integrate in a more complex, and complete, package.

The mobile packages, however, are separate from email marketing packages, but they include all features you need to succeed in adopting what we described as the “new black.” By 2014 mobile Interned will take over desktop internet usage – as with any other emerging (and popular) technology, the future belongs to the early adopters. GraphicMail caters to early adopters, and it’s stronger than its competitors mainly because it includes more marketing options under the same roof.

Free mobile site editor allows the creation of a fully functional mobile site, with multiple pages, and branded to fully integrate your brand message. Each page can be integrated (as a link) in SMS campaigns, and with the GraphicMail additional SMS analytics features, you get instant feedback on who received the SMS and who viewed your mobile marketing site.

And because the trend is clearly in favor of smartphones and smart phone technologies, with the GraphicMail iPhone App you get access to your GraphicMail email marketing account on-the-go: check latest send statistics, add or modify existing subscribers and send out email newsletters and more.

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