Gravity4: CEO Touts Company’s New Blockchain Technology and Board Member

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Gurbaksh Singh Chahal’s Gravity4 has been busy as of late upgrading its technologies and adding a member to its board.

Jeffrey Seah is now the new member of Gravity4’s advisory board and will help oversee the ongoing rollout of the company’s Mona Lisa software (A.I. Digital Assistant), as well as its new marketing cloud token called Lydian.

The new products and team member are the results of Gurbaksh Singh Chahal’s expertise in online marketing, software development, and cutting-edge technology innovation.

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal Gravity4

Meet Gurbaksh Singh Chahal

A brief introduction about the man behind Gravity4’s digital marketing recent impact in online advertising is in order.

As far as online entrepreneurs go, it is hard to overlook this Indian-American’s internet success. At the young age of 25, Gurbaksh had already founded two online advertising companies, ClickAgents and BlueLithium, and is the founder and CEO of two online advertising technology companies, RadiumOne and Gravity4.

Year 2000

During 2000, Chahal founded ClickAgents, an online advertising network focused on performance-based marketing. ValueClick, another online company, paid $40 million in an all stock merger to purchase ClickAgents two years after its formation.


Chahal founded BlueLithium in 2004. The company changed banner advertising forever through its behavioral targeting process that tracked user’s online habits and matched them with relevant banner ads. Yahoo purchased BlueLithium in 2007, for $300 million.


RadiumOne was started in 2009, under Chahal’s guidance. As with his other online start-ups, the company brought new technologies and innovations to the digital marketing world with its real-time advertising methods and software.


In 2014, he launched his 4th online advertising technology company, Gravity4, which he is still heading today. The company is the first A.I. big data marketing cloud platform in the world.

Gravity4: New Technology

Mona Lisa: The first A.I. of its kind, this new technology is an online advertising digital assistant that gives marketers, businesses, and brands a competitive edge in advertising through its data gathering predictions. Advertisers will actually have the possibility to gauge which media channels have the highest possibility of success through Mona Lisa.

Lydian: Gravity4’s other new technology is Lydian, a blockchain cloud token designed to increase transaction transparency and significantly reduce marketing and advertising fraud.

Chahal wants to eventually combine Lydian and Mona Lisa together to digitize and decentralize online marketing and advertising transactions. It will be the first time in digital history where an artificial intelligence marketing engine will work together with a cloud-based advertising platform to ensure safe transactions online.

Chahal has said that this new blockchain technology will help reduce cryptocurrency disruptions, especially during large-sum interactions.

He also went on to state that this new technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness in the advertising technology industry by enabling two parties to share large amounts of information without the need of any middlemen. In essence, both Mona Lisa and Lidian, when combined, will be able to provide advertising solutions throughout cryptocurrency markets.

Through the use of the company’s new blockchain technology, trust and transparency are established. Due to Mona Lisa’s & Lydian’s ability to record and review each and every transaction throughout the purchase process, the need for ad blockers will be eliminated and the ability to create a customized customer experience enhanced.

New Board Member

Aside from bringing Chahal’s ad tech vision to the forefront with Mona Lisa and Lydian, Gravity4 has hired a new board member to see it through.

Welcome Jeffrey Seah

Jeffrey Seah is no stranger to advertising and marketing technology. After serving in this industry for many years, Seah decided it was time to focus his entire energy and efforts on developing technologies, content, and media strategies.

Before he was nominated to Gravity4’s advisory board, Seah served as CEO of Starcom Mediavest Group. He also currently serves as an active partner at IncuVest and Quest Ventures.

His current nomination to Gravity4’s advisory board by Chahal and company seems to be a stellar choice. His continued efforts to improve advertising technology for digital marketers and anyone who advertises through the medium of the Internet fits perfectly with Gravity4’s recent innovations in cloud-based A.I. advertising.


About Gravity4

Located in Miami, Florida, Gravity4 is the first machine-learning OS in the world.

While its headquarters are located in Miami, the company has various other locations throughout the world: Stockholm, Oslo, Sydney, Madrid, Singapore, Auckland, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Amsterdam, India, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Christchurch.

Gravity4’s OS uses A.I. technology on a cloud-based platform, which allows online advertisers to track customer transaction throughout the entire purchase, as well as through various channels and touchpoints.

Gravity4 is able to do this because of Mona Lisa, its brand new A.I.-based platform. Mona Lisa can identify and build customer personas through data aggregation. This data is then sorted into clusters that combine different variables and makes sense of all the collected data.

With a simple click of a button, Gravity4 enables companies, agencies, and individual marketers the ability to optimize the entire purchase process.


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