GroundFloor Media PR to Represent Bellco Credit Union

Ground Floor Media PR Firm

Bellco Credit Union has named GroundFloor Media Inc. its public relations agency of record.

GroundFloor and Bellco Credit Union LogosGroundFloor will assist Bellco in their philanthropic and employee volunteer campaigns. GroundFloor’s philosophy is that with the right community outreach plan, everyone wins. Hopefully these campaigns will help Bellco spread their message more effectively in their communities. A good start would be to have these efforts mentioned somewhere on the Bellco site, where at the moment we could find no mention of any philanthropic action by Bellco.

While they are at it, maybe GroundFloor would also advise Bellco to make use of the various social media tools within their reach to make the Bellco website more popular and to engage even the online community in a meaningful dialogue. A company that prides itself in having $2 billion in assets but fails to make a powerful impression online is losing ground to more Internet savvy competitors.

And because I am talking about their online presence, what about finding a way to avoid such messages to the users:

We suggest you revert back to a previous version of Internet Explorer until IE8 is officially released.

This is a bad PR move, Bellco. It’s not the user who has to “revert back” to an inferior version of a browser. You need to have a site that is compatible with all browsers. Now that you work with a PR company with some experience online, you could ask for their expertise to fix your site as well.

In the meanwhile, we wish you success with your community efforts. I am looking forward to see what “social media tactics” will GroundFloor incorporate to position your brand online.

“It was important to us to identify a community relations partner that not only knows how to execute tried-and-true communications campaigns, but also incorporates social media tactics into developing innovative approaches to support our unique brand positioning,” Laura Higgins, Bellco marketing director.

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